Access denied, loading temporary profile (eventid 1504, 1509)

Hi Guyz, Girls,

I've got a problem.
Some of the computers in the network give a random error. Sometimes every day (like 2 days in a row) and sometimes for 14 days nothing.
I've enabled logging > userenv.log / userenv.bak.
Client = XP SP2 updated
Server = 2000 Server with almost all updates running

It gives the following result.
toegang geweigerd = access denied
Dit wordt mogelijk veroorzaakt door netwerkproblemen =  this is probably caused by network problems
netwerkbeheerder = network administrator)

USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 RecurseDirectory: Adding E:\heleen\Bureaublad\administrator.FEYTER\Mijn documenten\ to the list of directories
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 RecurseDirectory: Adding E:\heleen\Bureaublad\administrator.FEYTER\NetHood\ to the list of directories
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 RecurseDirectory: FindFirstFile failed.  Error = 5
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 ReportError: Impersonating user.
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 GetShareName: WNetGetConnection initially returned error 2250
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:907 ReportError: Logging Error <Windows kan bestand C:\Documents and Settings\heleen\Bureaublad\administrator.FEYTER\Netwerkprinteromgeving\ niet naar locatie \\staalbouw-1\profile$\heleen\Bureaublad\administrator.FEYTER\Netwerkprinteromgeving\ kopiëren. Dit wordt mogelijk veroorzaakt door netwerkproblemen of onvoldoende beveiligingsrechten. Neem contact op met de netwerkbeheerder wanneer het probleem blijft bestaan.

Detail: Toegang geweigerd.

USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:939 ErrorDialogEx: Calling DialogBoxParam
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:51:939 ErrorDlgProc:: DialogBoxParam
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 RecurseDirectory: RecurseDirectory returned FALSE
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 RecurseDirectory: RecurseDirectory returned FALSE
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 RecurseDirectory: RecurseDirectory returned FALSE
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: RecurseDirectory returned FALSE
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 CopyProfileDirectoryEx: Leaving with a return value of 0
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 UnloadUserProfileP:  CopyProfileDirectory returned FALSE for primary profile.  Error = 5
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 ReportError: Impersonating user.
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 ReportError: Logging Error <Windows kan uw zwervend profiel niet bijwerken. Dit wordt mogelijk veroorzaakt door netwerkproblemen of onvoldoende beveiligingsrechten. Neem contact op met de netwerkbeheerder wanneer het probleem blijft bestaan.

Detail: Toegang geweigerd.

USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:236 ErrorDialogEx: Calling DialogBoxParam
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:58:251 ErrorDlgProc:: DialogBoxParam
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfileP: Writing local ini file
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfileP: Reverting to Self
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfileP: exitting and cleaning up
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CSyncManager::LeaveLock <S-1-5-21-1454471165-484763869-1343024091-1112>
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CSyncManager::LeaveLock: Lock released
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CHashTable::HashDelete: S-1-5-21-1454471165-484763869-1343024091-1112 deleted
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CSyncManager::LeaveLock: Lock deleted
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfileP: Leave critical section.
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CancelCSCBypassedConnection: Cancelling connection of E:
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 CancelCSCBypassedConnection: Connection deleted.
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfileP: Leaving with a return value of 1
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfile: UnloadUserProfileP succeeded
USERENV(294.298) 08:01:59:876 UnloadUserProfile: returning 1

USERENV(974.844) 08:02:01:720 LibMain: Process Name:  C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:267 UnloadUserProfile: Entering, hProfile = <0x3d8>
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:267 GetInterface: Returning rpc binding handle
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:283 IProfileSecurityCallBack: client authenticated.
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:283 DropClientContext: Got client token 000002F8, sid = S-1-5-18
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:283 MIDL_user_allocate enter
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:283 DropClientContext: load profile object successfully made
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:283 DropClientContext: Returning 0
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:283 UnLoadUserProfile: Calling DropClientToken (as self) succeeded
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:283 IProfileSecurityCallBack: client authenticated.
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP: Entering, hProfile = <0x398>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP: ImpersonateUser <000002f8>, old token is <00000000>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 GetExclusionListFromRegistry: Policy list is empty, returning user list = <Local Settings;Temporary Internet Files;Geschiedenis;Temp>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::EnterLock <S-1-5-19>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::EnterLock: No existing entry found
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::EnterLock: New entry created
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CHashTable::HashAdd: S-1-5-19 added in bucket 12
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP: Wait succeeded.  In critical section.
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP:  Didn't unload user profile, Ref Count is 2
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP: Reverted back to user <00000000>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::LeaveLock <S-1-5-19>
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::LeaveLock: Lock released
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CHashTable::HashDelete: S-1-5-19 deleted
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 CSyncManager::LeaveLock: Lock deleted
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:298 UnloadUserProfileP: Leave critical section.
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:314 UnloadUserProfileP: Leaving with a return value of 1
USERENV(294.2bc) 08:02:03:314 UnloadUserProfileI: returning 0
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:314 UnloadUserProfile: Calling UnloadUserProfileI succeeded
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:314 IProfileSecurityCallBack: client authenticated.
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:314 ReleaseClientContext: Releasing context
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:314 ReleaseClientContext_s: Releasing context
USERENV(294.b9c) 08:02:03:314 MIDL_user_free enter
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:314 ReleaseInterface: Releasing rpc binding handle
USERENV(2c0.af4) 08:02:03:314 UnloadUserProfile: returning 1

What can be the problem and how can I solve this one?
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
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scrAuthor Commented:
I want to give 500 extra points for an answer for this question.
Can anybody help me with this one?
Are you using roaming profiles?
scrAuthor Commented:
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Check the security tab on anything added to the user's profile. I had a similar problem when I dropped a shortcut on a user’s desktop in the server copy of their profile and found that the user was not added to the ACL. Thus the user did not even have permission to read their own desktop and was forced to use a temporary profile. So make sure another admin or program is not adding things to the user profile without the permissions being updated.

scrAuthor Commented:
Hi Krompton,

that could be a problem, but I think that isn't it right now .
Because the problem arrises in random order on different computers....

Could it be anything with the DNS. (there are no errors in the DNS log)
You would probably get the same problem if the connection to the roaming profile share directory was unavailable. You may try tweaking the GPO settings for slow link detection. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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scrAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah, maybe that can be a problem. I'll try it. Thanx!
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