64 bit passwd utility in Solaris 10 (AMD Optron 64 bit hardware)

We have installed solaris 10 in 64 bit mode, but the "/usr/bin" directory contains 32 bit utilities. The sub-directory "/usr/bin/amd64" contains corresponding binaries in 64 bit mode. But not all utilities are available in 64 bit binary mode. We need passwd utility in 64 bit mode for our project and unfortunately that is not available even though 64 bit password libraries are available. Can anybody help in this case?

Thanks in advance
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You can compile two versions of the PAM library; a 32-bit one for /usr/lib/security, and a 64-bit one to put in /usr/lib/security/sparcv9

please read this note:

for more details.
What passwd utility  are you refering to?
the 32bit binay still can run on the 64bit mode.
Like Yuzh said, you need to be a bit more specific about what your specific 64-bit needs are.  All binaries within a 64-bit OS installation do not need be 64-bit.  Please be a bit more specific.
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sajeeshbAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

More explanation is below:

We are doing a project where we need to use 100% 64-bit binary code. But when we installed Solaris 10 on AMD optron we got the 32 bit binary of passwd utility (the passwd command used to change password in Unix). Since the passwd utility is 32 bit, it is using the 32 bit pam libraries in Solaris. We have a 64 bit pam module and this will be used only when the 64 bit version of the passwd utility used to change password. Since we need 64 bit of the software completely and our software is using the passwd utility we need 64 bit version of the same.

Commands used to check our kernel bit mode is given below. We have 64 bit version of utilities available in /usr/bin/amd64, but passwd utility is not available.

# isainfo -kv
64-bit amd64 kernel modules
# uname -a
SunOS SUN10 5.10 Generic_118844-26 i86pc i386 i86pc
# dmesg | grep bit
Mar 15 23:16:33 SUN10 genunix: [ID 540533 kern.notice] ^MSunOS Release 5.10 Vers  ion Generic_118844-26 64-bit
# file /usr/bin/passwd
/usr/bin/passwd:        ELF 32-bit LSB executable 80386 Version 1, dynamically l  inked, stripped
# ls /usr/bin/amd64
activation-client                      glib-genmarshal                  newtask
adb                                       glib-gettextize                     nohup
amt                                       glib-mkenums                     orbit-idl-2
bonobo-activation-run-query    gobject-query                     orbit2-config
bonobo-slay                           gtk-demo                            pango-querymodules
cputrack                                gtk-query-immodules-2.0      pargs
echo-client-2                          ior-decode-2                       pcred
gconf-merge-tree                   libIDL-config-2                     pfiles
gconftool-2                            linc-cleanup-sockets             pflags
gcore                                    ls                                       pldd
gdk-pixbuf-csource                 mdb                                   plimit
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders        moe                                   pmap
Recompile passwd utility as 64-bit executable, either with SunStudio or GCC.

Here are sources (single passwd.c file):

Of course makefile should be fixed for your needs.
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