Sending SMS using application on mobile itself not via PC

I have the following senario :-

Mobile Application that will installed on mobile devices that support (Symbian , Pocket PC, or Java2) this mobile application will list some services  , upon choosing service by mobile user the details of service will be sent using mobile messaging service to chosen destination.

Now my problem as following:-

1. the application should be installed on mobile itself.
2. sending the message should not be using PC (should be as we compose a message from mobile itself)
3. no internet connections (HTTP)

in general i need the application to the SMS using mobile services itself.
Is this possible?
if yes how can I achieve this?

If more information is needed please inform me.

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The key is to find the Serial Port of the Internal GSM Engine. Once you have found it (Using Java or C++) then you can use simple AT commands(On that port)  to send/receive SMS....
A simple AT commandset that will send an SMS is shown below.....

AT+CMGF=1 <CR><LF>                          'This will set the modem to Test Mode
AT+CMGS="xxxxxxxxxx" <CR><LF>          'Where xxxxxxxxxxx is the no. you want the SMS to be send.
> Here is my Message <Ctrl-Z>                '> will appear automatically. Now you only need to type the message and press Ctrl-Z or chracter 26.....

This is it.... Your message will ne send to the desired no. All you will need is to find the Serial Port and then learn basic Serial Port interfacing.

As far as difference between Symbian and Pocket PC is concerned, In PPC you can develop your application with VB.NET, C#.NET or even eVC++ 4.0 alongside J2ME and C++ etc. .....
While in Symbian you will need to develop in Java or Symbian C++ and no support for .NET.....

raed_hasanAuthor Commented:
thanks for reply for more information can I use J2ME to the application that run in all platforms.
using one code base.
raed_hasanAuthor Commented:
about the proposed solution, Does it work for major mobile devices, while taking care that the mobile device does not connect to any PC?
imarshadCommented: lists some of the devices that use J2ME....

>>can I use J2ME to the application that run in all platforms. using one code base.

I am not sure.... IMHO you cant. Thats why mobile software manufacturers usually develop a different software for each device (at least class of devices)..... Pocket PC's are usually a standard.... So if you develop an application for one PPC thn it should work on all devices.... While this is not true for Symbian devices. You have to develop for either UIQ (Sony Ericsson P800,P900,P910) or for Series 60 as well as taking into consideration the OS version like Symbian 7.0 or later etc.

to be honest I have no experience what so ever with J2ME.... I have developed applications for devices which have Windows CE or PPC as their OS using .NET


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