Foundry NetIron Config Change


Please can you provide me with the commands required to login and remove a static route from a NetIron 400.  Our network engineer is currently unavailable and this change needs to be done before they return.

The route which needs to be removed is the default route "ip route"

Many Thanks
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Not used the foundry NetIron 400 before, but at a guess i would go with the 'No' form of the command.


no ip route

To login you will need the super-user password. The easiest way would be to go for a direct console connection to the switch using something like Hyper Terminal.
Once you have connected you will be prompted for a username/password.
Once you are in, you will either be in USER or EXEC mode, depending on what password you entered.

if in user mode, type 'enable' (You may be prompted for another password.)

Switch> enable   (>=user mode)

Then type 'Config T' to enter configuration mode.

Switch#config t
Switch(Config)# no ip route

that should do the trick!

Then use the write memory command to save your config.

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P.s If you can't get direct access to the switch then you can always telnet to the device,Providing you know the telnet username and password.

john_the_baptistAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but what is the write memory command and finally could you give me the command to list the configuration to make sure that it has worked afterwards.  I believe it is something like show runn
john_the_baptistAuthor Commented:
Sorry, just picked up on "write memory" being the command.

Many Thanks
To list the configuration afterwards, use the Show run command.

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