Dualport NIC vs two single port NIC in a team.


I have two stacked switches and most of my servers are new HP Proliant's with intigrated dualport nic..
But I also have many old servers that also need two NIC for redundancy in case of failure...

And I just cant decide what to choose.. A dualport nic, takes only one slot, a tad cheaper OR should I choose two NIC that support teaming, the only advantage over two cards must be that one card can completely break down without loss. If a dualport NIC fails both ports are gone..

Im in to a dualport one, reason, there are still parts that can break down, motherboard, raid-cards etc.

Anyone with some wise and clever words?

Regards, Magnus Finbom

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Well, you pretty much summed up the pro's and con's accurately.  It's a matter of cost & space vs. physical redundancy.  

I like maximum redundancy - so I'd go with two single's myself.

Better yet, two dualies - with each "bonded"/aggregated together! :)

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FinbomAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Just wanted a response if I was thinking right.
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