Not able to dial on more than one computer simultaneously in Multiuser BroadBand ADSL

Dear Expert,

I recently installed a BroadBand ADSL Connection MultiUser- 512kbps. I am have three PCs networked together using an 8 port  Switch. I have plugged the HUAWAI-SmartAX MT882 Router (ADSL Modem) into my Switch. I do not want to use proxy any proxy server.

When i dial the broadband connection on a single PC there is no problem, But when i try to dial on another PC, It gives Error 691. The problem is that if the connection is made on one pc then to make it on another PC, i have to disconnect the first one.  As it is a multiuser connection, it should get connected from each computer whenever required without disconnecting it from another PC.


Please solve my problem.

waiting for a response
Sher Singh Rawat

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Hi shersinghrawat,

What says Error 691?

Do you have the router configured as DHCP? And so, all PC's configured as "Obtain IP adress automatically"?

Or the reverse: Have DHCP disabled and a fixed IP address to each PC?

He is not using a router, he is using a switch and a dsl connection then attempting to initiate a PPPoE connection from each workstation.  Error 691 is "Access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain."

Most ISP's will provide you with multiple logins for multiple machines, and it is quite common for you to not be able to log in with more than one machine on one username.  I would suggest calling your ISP and asking what usernames you need to use for the other two machines.

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As well, you could just enable the router functions on the DSL modem, however then you would have a NAT proxy, and as you stated you do not want a proxy whatsoever.
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shersinghrawatAuthor Commented:
Hi Diasf,

i have allocated fixed IP addresses on the PCs on network and the HUAWAI-SmartAX MT882 Router is plugged into switch.

I attemp to initiate a PPPoE connection from each PC, but it only works for only a sigle PC. If i have to use it on another PC, i have to disconnect from the first one.

sher singh rawat
Did you check with your ISP as I suggested? DSL here works the way I mentioned....
You do not seem to understand the router. Huawei may have have a Bangalore support center. Have you tried calling about configuration assistance?
shersinghrawatAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,

Thanks for comments...

I put forwared my problem to my ISP and the In-charge over there said that everything is ok on his side.  But I doubt....

They people  have Unix or Linux servers on their side. I doubt that they have the thorough knowledge of UNIX. They only use some specific administration commands..

Do you know the Unix command(s) or settings to enable my userid to MultiUser on their server so that i can tell him.

Sher Singh Rawat
Typically they do it by creating separate ID's for each login...
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