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DFS / NTFRS Error - 13506.


About 3 days ago (out of the blue - I cant seem to find the cause, or any corresponding errors) one of our member servers running Windows 2003 SP1 (all updates applied) starting generating this error:

The File Replication Service failed a consistency check
  (!CmdWaitFlagIs(Cxtion->CommTimeoutCmd, CMD_PKT_WAIT_FLAGS_ONLIST))
in "FrsFreeType:" at line 2534.

FRS "stops without cleaning up" at this point, runs for about 15 minutes, then fails again (and goes into a loop of the above)

your help is appreciated

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1 Solution
File Replication Service (FRS) Event ID 13506 and ID 13555
An assert may occur when a local create change order (CO) is sent to an outbound partner. In this case, not all outbound partners are available, and therefore the staging file remains in the staging table. This outbound member is later removed and re-added to the replica set. At this time, it receives the same CO from its inbound partner. This new member has a new originator globally unique identifier (GUID), and therefore the CO is not dampened. This CO is treated as a remote CO, but because it was already in the staging table, it is picked up with the old flags. The following events are logged when this error occurs:
Event ID: 13506
The File Replication Service failed a consistency check ((Flags & STAGE_FLAG_INSTALLING) && (Flags & STAGE_FLAG_CREATED)) in "StuExecuteInstall:" at line 1324. The File Replication Service will restart automatically at a later time. If this problem persists, a subsequent entry in this event log describes the recovery procedure. For more information about the automatic restart right-click on My Computer and then click on Manage, System Tools, Services, File Replication Service, and Recovery.


Event ID: 13555
The File Replication Service is in an error state. Files will not replicate to or from one or all of the replica sets on his computer until the following recovery steps are performed:
Recovery Steps:
[1] The error state may clear itself if you stop and restart the FRS service. This can be done by performing the following in a command window:
net stop ntfrs
net start ntfrs
olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
I don't think either of those refer precisely to the error listed here. (CMD_PKT_WAIT_FLAGS_ONLIST))
in "FrsFreeType:" at line 2534. )

It also doesnt suggest any methods to take to resolve the issue?

olivesecurityAuthor Commented:
Anyone have any ideas?

Please note (to my horror) we do not have a working system state backup :(

I'd schedule some server down time (depending on the disk sizes this could be an extended down time), then enter

chkdsk driveletter: /x

in a command prompt. The system will probably ask if it should do that when booting, say yes, then boot. 200GB can take around 20 hours, depending on the found errors etc, but if there is a problem in the file system these should get corrected this way and that may resolve your problem!
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