File Screening in windows R2

Hi all,

We have set up a File server in our domain using Windows 2003 R2 and I would like to take advantage of the new File Screening app.  We have configured the SMTP settings and the test email works ok,  set up the filter for passive screening and to email me when an event takes place. but when we add a file that would set of the passive filter I get the following error in the Event Log. It also logs the filter event ok.

File Server Resource Manager Service error: Unexpected error.

   Running email action.
   Handling a file screen audit event.
   Processing File Server Resource Manager event

   Action type: Email Action
   Action name: Email Action0
   SMTP server:
   Mail-from address:
   Mail-reply-to address:
   Mail-to address:
   Mail-CC address:
   Mail-BCC address:
   Mail subject: Unauthorized file from the "Audio and Video Files" file group detected
   Mail message text: User CATS-SOLUTIONS\darren.whitfield attempted to save C:\Network Data\Utilities\Copy (2) of Copy of test.wma to C:\Network Data\Utilities on the CATSINT01 server. This file is in the "Audio and Video Files" file group, which is not permitted on the server.
   File screen path: C:\Network Data\Utilities

Error-specific details:
   Error: IMessage::Send, 0x80040211

We have a 2003 domain with Exchange 2003 Ent,

Any help would be appreciated
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Well, the good thing is you aren't alone (good ole Google):

Basically it says at the end:

The solution without the the local SMTP thus far is not found It is clear by mistake that the sending of mail through CDOSYS.dll (in Windows 2000 it was CDOEX.dll), occurs. CDOSYS allows the sending of mail through remote SMTP- server (there is no method of mail) In the Internet is found the description of the following possible reasons for error with code 0x80040211 (it simply means that mail could not be sent): - the authorization - Rayleigh - fil'ratsiya of traffic on Echange- server On the authorization. Service FSRM works on behalf Local System. But here when you send test, then mail departs on behalf of the profile of the current user. Test is passed, but mail does not depart in service. According to Rayleigh. It is opened. It tried in the different versions (ip, everyone...) On the filtration. Was included filter IMF, disconnection did not help. There is another version: SAV 10.0.1 and SAV for Exchange 3.0 to disconnect thus far did not try. In ravines SMTP- server: 2006-02-17 04:09:46 MSS SMTPSVC1 "serverSMTP" "clientSMTP" 0 ehlo - +.MSS 250 0 305 8 0 smtp - - - 2006-02-17 04:09:46 MSS SMTPSVC1 "serverSMTP" "clientSMTP" 0 quit - MSS 240 15 18 10 15 smtp - - - In this case in Security- ravine is noted the authorization from ANONYMOUS i.e. output on the remote postal employee is, but it cuts konnekt! The matter is complicated by the fact that CDOSYS does not have a method of mail therefore not evidently by what NDR it is generated Exchange- m On this thus far everything....

So with that, my thoughts are that your test email goes out based on the logged on user, but the actually file screening email goes out using the local system account.

And off of that I searched google for "FSRM notifications" and found this:

"There is a known bug that email will not be sent out if Exchange has Basic authentication turned on."

And there is a link to the hotfix on that page...

(Call me Sherlock Holmes) :)

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