Need best approach to manipulate object data in arrayList

I have a bean "TeamBean" that stores data (TeamName, spread, odds) as in sports betting info.

Array list of TeamBeans:

philadelphia, 5.5, -110
chicago, -5.5, -110
philadelphia, 0.0, +180
chicago, 0.0, -200
Over, 195.5, -110.0
Under, 195.5, -110.0
Hoouston, 5.0, -110.0
Phoenix -5.0, -110.0
Hoouston, 0.0, 195.0
Phoenix 0.0, -240.0
Over, 204.0, -110.0
Under, 204.0, -110.0
n+10,000 (lets assume there are over 10K of these records)

I need a way to compare every Philadelphia 76ers vs Chicago Bulls line in this list against each other to determine if there is an arbitrage or scalper betting situation (I will take care of the algorithm/math for this).  Then do it for every Houston Rockets vs Phoenix Suns game in this list...and so on.  There may be anywhere from 20-30 lines for any game for every sport.

1)  Some of the team names are recorded in different strings.  Ex.  "Philadelphia 76ers" is sometimes reffered to as "philadelphia" or "PHI"
2)  Making a synonym database will take forever, is there a better way?
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>>is there a better way?

Can't think of one - first of all you have to unify your representations - AFAIK this can't be avoided

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Once you've unified your objects, you need to map them to individual bookmakers
>>is there a better way?

(Unless there's a standardized way of identifying events between different bookmakers, which i'd doubt)
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qbawler311Author Commented:
>>Once you've unified your objects, you need to map them to individual bookmakers

Ok so I can make a 4th field that is the name of the book maker.
Please give me more info on how to achieve my goal.
Sounds like you need to think more about your requirements. A Bookmaker object would be entirely separate from any Team object. A Team object would be far down the line that encompasses Bookmaker, Event etc.
qbawler311Author Commented:
>>Sounds like you need to think more about your requirements.

Here are my simplified requirements:
1) Scrape data from multiple bookmakers
2) Analyze data to determine arbitrage betting situations
3) Display profitable betting situations in a java GUI.
4) Has to work fast...

If anyone wants to help me through this whole process I am willing to offer as many points as it takes. :)

If points don't do it for you we can talk about other forms of rewards.

Contact me at this e-mail:  <mail removed by Venabili>

Sorry that should have had more emphasis on your needing to analyse the abstractions needed, based on your requirements
qbawler311Author Commented:
Did I unify right?  Am I on the right track or is there a more efficient way?

I PostProcessed the previous List so its in the form:

Team1, Spread1, Line1, Site1, Team2, Spread2, Line2, Site2

Philadelphia, 5.5, -110,, Chicago, -5.5, -110,

I plan to load this postprocess data into an array of beans, The team1 and team2 columns are banged against a Synonym database so every site hosting the game will then have the same strings.  If Site1 != Site2 then I know preprocess is messed.
qbawler311Author Commented: apologies

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