Remote Desktop connection on the web

I would like to add a remote desktop connection to my website, which works now, if I put the IP address of the server in the box. I dont want to reveal the IP address, so is it possible, that the initial value would be like "Server" and then when people push the button, it would go to the IP address I can specify? (here i put for the ip address, which i dont want to show, but i want it to go there) Thanks!

Here is my code:
<title>Remote Desktop Web Connection</title>
<style type="text/css" media="screen">
p { color:"#000000"; font-family: "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"; font-size:"65%"}
h1 { font-size: 100%; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold;
            margin-top: 0em;}
p.indent { margin-left: 3em; margin-top: .5em; line-height: 1.25em; margin-bottom: .2em; margin-right: 1em;}
.button {
      FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, San-Serif;
      margin-left: .5em;

.topspace {margin-top: .08em; }

<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
<script language="vbscript">
const L_FullScreenWarn1_Text = "Your current security settings do not allow automatically switching to fullscreen mode."
const L_FullScreenWarn2_Text = "You can use ctrl-alt-pause to toggle your remote desktop session to fullscreen mode"
const L_FullScreenTitle_Text = "Remote Desktop Web Connection "
const L_ErrMsg_Text         = "Error connecting to remote computer: "
const L_PlatformCheck_ErrorMessage = "The Remote Desktop Web connection ActiveX control can only run in the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer."

' error messages
const L_RemoteDesktopCaption_ErrorMessage =  "Remote Desktop Connection"
const L_DisconnectedCaption_ErrorMessage =  "Remote Desktop Disconnected"
const L_ErrConnectCallFailed_ErrorMessage =  "An error occurred when the client attempted to connect to the remote computer. Check your system memory and then try the connection again."
const L_DisconnectRemoteByServer_ErrorMessage = "The remote computer has ended the connection."
const L_LowMemory_ErrorMessage = "The local computer is low on memory. Close some programs, and then connect to the remote computer again."
const L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage = "Because of a security error, the client could not connect to the remote computer. Verify that you are logged on to the network, and then try connecting again."
const L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage = "The specified remote computer could not be found. Verify that you have typed the correct computer name or IP address, and then try connecting again."
const L_ConnectFailedProtocol_ErrorMessage = "Because of a protocol error, the client could not connect to the remote computer. Please try connecting to the remote computer again. If the client still fails to connect, contact your network administrator."
const L_CannotLoopBackConnect_ErrorMessage = "The client could not connect. You cannot connect to the console from a console session of the same computer."
const L_NetworkErr_ErrorMessage = "The connection was ended because of a network error. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_InternalErr_ErrorMessage = "An internal error has occurred."
const L_NotResponding_ErrorMessage = "The client could not connect to the remote computer. Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections.It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection.Please try connecting again later. If the problem continues to occur, contact your administrator."
const L_VersionMismatch_ErrorMessage = "Client and server versions do not match. Please upgrade your client software and then try connecting again."
const L_EncryptionError_ErrorMessage = "Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_ProtocolErr_ErrorMessage = "Because of a protocol error, this session will be disconnected. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_IllegalServerName_ErrorMessage = "The specified computer name contains invalid characters. Please verify the name and try again."
const L_ConnectionTimeout_ErrorMessage = "The remote connection has timed out. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_DisconnectIdleTimeout_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was ended because the idle timeout limit was reached. This limit is set by the server administrator or by network policies."
const L_DisconnectLogonTimeout_ErrorMessage ="The remote session ended because the total logon time limit was reached. This limit is set by the server administrator or by network policies."
const L_ProtocolErrWITHCODE_ErrorMessage  = "Client disconnected due to internal protocol error: "
const L_LicensingTimeout_ErrorMessage = "A licensing error occurred while the client was attempting to connect (Licensing timed out).Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_LicensingNegotFailed_ErrorMessage = "The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing protocol.Please try connecting to the remote computer again or contact your server administrator."
const L_DisconnectRemoteByServerTool_ErrorMessage = "The remote session to the remote computer was ended by means of an administration tool.Your administrator might have ended your connection."
const L_LogoffRemoteByServer_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because your session was logged off at the remote computer.Your administrator or another user might have ended your connection."
const L_DisconnectByOtherConnection_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because another user has connected to the session."
const L_ConnectionBroken_ErrorMessage  = "The connection to the remote computer was broken. This may have been caused by a network error.Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_ServerOutOfMemory_ErrorMessage = "The connection was disconnected because the remote computer is low on memory."
const L_LicenseInternal_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because there was an internal error in the remote computer's licensing protocol."
const L_NoLicenseServer_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server License Servers available to provide a license.Please contact the server administrator."
const L_NoLicense_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server client access licenses available for this computer.Please contact the server administrator."
const L_LicenseBadClientMsg_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the remote computer received an invalid licensing message from this computer."
const L_LicenseHwidDoesntMatch_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the Terminal Server client access license stored on this computer has been modified."
const L_BadClientLicense_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the Terminal Server client access license stored on this computer is in an invalid format."
const L_LicenseCantFinishProtocol_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because there were network problems during the licensing protocol.Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_LicenseClientEndedProtocol_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the client prematurely ended the licensing protocol."
const L_LicenseBadClientEncryption_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because a licensing message was incorrectly encrypted."
const L_CantUpgradeLicense_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the local computer's client access license could not be upgraded or renewed.Please contact the server administrator."
const L_LicenseNoRemoteConnections_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because the remote computer is not licensed to accept remote connections.Please contact the server administrator."
const L_DecompressionFailed_ErrorMessage = "The remote session was disconnected because of a decompression failure at the client side. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
const L_ServerDeniedConnection_ErrorMessage ="The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer.The most likely causes for this error are:1) Remote connections might not be enabled at the remote computer.2) The maximum number of connections was exceeded at the remote computer.3) A network error occurred while establishing the connection."
const L_ControlLoadFailed_ErrorMessage= "Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control could not be installed. A connection cannot be made without a working installed version of the control. Please contact the server administrator."
const L_InvalidServerName_ErrorMessage = "An invalid server name was specified."

sub window_onload()
   if not LCase(Navigator.CpuClass) = "x86" then
      msgbox L_PlatformCheck_ErrorMessage
   end if
   if not autoConnect() then
   end if
end sub

function autoConnect()
      Dim sServer
      Dim iFS, iAutoConnect

      sServer = getQS ("Server")
      iAutoConnect = getQS ("AutoConnect")
      iFS = getQS ("FS")

      if NOT IsNumeric ( iFS ) then
            iFS = 0
            iFS = CInt ( iFS )
      end if

      if iAutoConnect <> 1 then
            autoConnect = false
            exit function
            if iFS < 0 or iFS >= Document.all.comboResolution.options.length then
                  iFS = 0
            end if

            if IsNull ( sServer ) or sServer = "" then
                  sServer = window.location.hostname
            end if

            Document.all.comboResolution.selectedIndex      = iFS
            Document.all.Server.value = sServer

            btnConnect ()

            autoConnect = true
      end if

end function

function getQS ( sKey )
      Dim iKeyPos, iDelimPos, iEndPos
      Dim sURL, sRetVal
      iKeyPos = iDelimPos = iEndPos = 0
      sURL = window.location.href

      if sKey = "" Or Len(sKey) < 1 then
            getQS = ""
            exit function
      end if

      iKeyPos = InStr ( 1, sURL, sKey )

      if iKeyPos = 0 then
            sRetVal = ""
            exit function
      end if

      iDelimPos = InStr ( iKeyPos, sURL, "=" )
      iEndPos = InStr ( iDelimPos, sURL, "&" )

      if iEndPos = 0 then
            sRetVal = Mid ( sURL, iDelimPos + 1 )
            sRetVal = Mid ( sURL, iDelimPos + 1, iEndPos - iDelimPos - 1 )
      end if

      getQS = sRetVal
end function

sub checkClick
      if Document.all.Check1.Checked then = ""
         Document.all.editUserName.Disabled = false
         Document.all.editDomain.Disabled = false
      else = "none"
         Document.all.editUserName.Disabled = true
         Document.all.editDomain.Disabled = true
      end if
end sub

sub OnControlLoadError
    msgbox L_ControlLoadFailed_ErrorMessage,0,L_RemoteDesktopCaption_ErrorMessage
end sub

sub OnControlLoad
   set Control = Document.getElementById("MsRdpClient")
   if Not Control is Nothing then
      if Control.readyState = 4 then
         Document.all.connectButton.disabled = FALSE
      end if
   end if
end sub

sub BtnConnect
   Dim serverName
   if not Document.all.Server.value = "" then
      serverName = Document.all.Server.value
      serverName = Document.location.hostname
   end if
   serverName = trim(serverName)
   On Error Resume Next
   MsRdpClient.server = serverName
   If Err then
      msgbox L_InvalidServerName_ErrorMessage,0,L_RemoteDesktopCaption_ErrorMessage
      exit sub
   end if
   On Error Goto 0
   'serverName name text
   Document.all.srvNameField.innerHtml = serverName
   if Document.all.CheckBoxAutoLogon.checked then
      MsRdpClient.UserName = Document.all.UserName.Value
      MsRdpClient.Domain = Document.all.Domain.Value
   end if
   MsRdpClient.FullScreen = FALSE
   select case document.all.comboResolution.value
   case "1"
      MsRdpClient.FullScreen = TRUE
      resWidth  = screen.width
      resHeight = screen.height
   case "2"
      resWidth  = "640"
      resHeight = "480"
   case "3"
      resWidth  = "800"
      resHeight = "600"
   case "4"
      resWidth  = "1024"
      resHeight = "768"
   case "5"
      resWidth  = "1280"
      resHeight = "1024"
   case "6"
      resWidth  = "1600"
      resHeight = "1200"
   end select
   MsRdpClient.DesktopWidth = resWidth
   MsRdpClient.DesktopHeight = resHeight
   MsRdpClient.Width = resWidth
   MsRdpClient.Height = resHeight
   'Device redirection options
   MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectDrives     = FALSE
   MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectPrinters   = TRUE
   MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectPorts      = FALSE
   MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectSmartCards = FALSE
   'FullScreen title
   MsRdpClient.FullScreenTitle = L_FullScreenTitle_Text & "(" & serverName & ")"
   'Display connect region = "none" = "block"
end sub




<!-- =========================LOGIN AREA   ==========================
<div id=loginArea>
<font size="4">

<img border="0" src="win2000l.gif" id=leftalign align="left" width="124" height="123" hspace="10"></font></font><font id=Tahoma1 face="Tahoma" size="1"><br>
</font><font size="6" id=Tahoma2 face="Tahoma">
<img border="0" src="win2000r.gif" hspace="0" vspace="7" width="145" height="45"></font><font id=Tahoma3 face="Tahoma" size="4"><br>
<font id=Tahoma4 face="Tahoma" size="4"><ID id=bigtitle>Remote Desktop Web Connection </ID></font></b><p>&nbsp;</p>

<table border="0" width="640" cellspacing="0" cellpadding=0 style="margin-top: -1em;">
<!-- Graphic bar row  -->
<td width="50%"></td>
<td colspan=3 align="left" valign="middle">
<img src="bluebarh.gif" alt="blue bar graphic" width="325" height="8"></td>
<!-- Row 1 -->
<!-- Column 1 spans 4 rows -->
    <td valign="top" width="50% "rowspan=4>
          <p class=indent>
                  <ID id=remotecomputername>Click <b>Connect</b>.</ID></p>
          <p class=indent><ID id=helpfultip1>When the connection page opens, you can add it to your Favorites for easy connection to the same computer.</ID></p>
<!-- Column 2 spans 4 rows-->
      <td rowspan=4 valign="top" align="left">
    <img src="bluebarv.gif" alt="blue bar graphic" border=0 width="8" height="330">
<!-- Column 3 -->            
    <td id="ServerNameKeyWidth" style="width:10%;" valign="middle">    
         <label id=ServerNameKey accessKey="S" for="editServer">
         <br><p align="right">&nbsp;<ID id=ServerName><u>S</u>erver:</ID></label></p>
<!-- Column 4 -->              
      <td id="ServerKeyWidth" width="40%" valign="bottom">
      <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" name="Server" size="41" id="editServer" value="">
<!-- Row 2 -->
<!-- Column 3 -->
<td valign="middle">
<p align="right"><label id=sizeKey accessKey="Z" for="comboRes" class="sizespace"><ID id=size>Si<u>z</u>e:</ID></p></td>
<!-- Column 4 -->
<td valign="bottom">&nbsp;&nbsp;<select size="1" name="comboResolution" id=comboRes class="topspace">
              <option selected value="1"><ID id=option1>Full-screen</ID></option>
              <option value="2"><ID id=option2>640 by 480</ID></option>
              <option value="3"><ID id=option3>800 by 600</ID></option>
              <option value="4"><ID id=option4>1024 by 768</ID></option>
              <option value="5"><ID id=option5>1280 by 1024</ID></option>
              <option value="6"><ID id=option6>1600 by 1200</ID></option>
            </select> </label>
<!-- Row 3 -->
<!-- Column 3 -->
<!-- Column 4 -->
<td align="bottom">                  
       <p class=topspace>&nbsp;<input type="checkbox" name="CheckBoxAutoLogon" ID=Check1 value="OFF" onclick = "checkClick"><label for="Check1" ID=SendLogonKey accesskey="l"><ID id=logoninfo>Send <u>l</u>ogon information for this connection&nbsp;</ID></label><br>
<span ID="tableLogonInfo" style="display: none">

            <p align="right" class=topspace>
                  <ID id=usernamelabel><u>U</u>ser&nbsp;name:</ID>
                <label id=UserNameKey accessKey="U" for="editUserName"><input type="text" name="UserName" id=editUserName size="25"></label><br>
                  <ID id=domainlabel><u>D</u>omain:</ID>
          <label id=editDomainKey accessKey="D" for="editDomain">
          <input type="text" name="Domain" id=editDomain size="25"></label></p></span>      
          <input type="submit" id=connectbutton value="Connect" disabled="TRUE" name="ButtonLogin" OnClick=BtnConnect class="button">
<!-- Row 4 -->
<!-- Column 3 -->
<td  height="215">&nbsp;</td>
<!-- Column 4 -->

<!-- ================================= LOGIN FORM =================

<!-- ================================= CONNECT ====================
<div id=connectArea style="display: none">
        <OBJECT language="vbscript" ID="MsRdpClient"
        WIDTH=<% resWidth = Request.QueryString("rW")
            if  resWidth < 200 or resWidth > 1600 then
               resWidth = 800
            end if
            Response.Write resWidth %>
        HEIGHT=<% resHeight = Request.QueryString("rH")
            if  resHeight < 200 or resHeight > 1200 then
               resHeight = 600
            end if
            Response.Write resHeight %>>
        <font size="1" color="#000000" id="srvfontname" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">
        <div id=connectDisplay style="display:none">
        <ID id=loggedinsrv>Connected to </ID><i><span id="srvNameField"></span></i></font><br></div>
<script language="VBScript">
sub ReturnToConnectPage()
end sub

sub MsRdpClient_OnConnected() = "block"
end sub

sub MsRdpClient_OnDisconnected(disconnectCode)
   extendedDiscReason = MsRdpClient.ExtendedDisconnectReason
   majorDiscReason = disconnectCode And &hFF

   if (disconnectCode = &hB08 or majorDiscReason = 2 or majorDiscReason = 1) and not (extendedDiscReason = 5) then
      'Switch back to login area
      exit sub
   end if
   errMsgText = L_DisconnectRemoteByServer_ErrorMessage
   if not extendedDiscReason = 0 then
      'Use the extended disconnect code
      select case extendedDiscReason
      case 0   errMsgText  = ""
      case 1   errMsgText  = L_DisconnectRemoteByServerTool_ErrorMessage
      case 2   errMsgText  = L_LogoffRemoteByServer_ErrorMessage
      case 3   errMsgText  = L_DisconnectIdleTimeout_ErrorMessage
      case 4   errMsgText  = L_DisconnectLogonTimeout_ErrorMessage
      case 5   errMsgText  = L_DisconnectByOtherConnection_ErrorMessage
      case 6   errMsgText  = L_ServerOutOfMemory_ErrorMessage
      case 7   errMsgText  = L_ServerDeniedConnection_ErrorMessage
      case 256 errMsgText  = L_LicenseInternal_ErrorMessage
      case 257 errMsgText  = L_NoLicenseServer_ErrorMessage
      case 258 errMsgText  = L_NoLicense_ErrorMessage
      case 259 errMsgText  = L_LicenseBadClientMsg_ErrorMessage
      case 260 errMsgText  = L_LicenseHwidDoesntMatch_ErrorMessage
      case 261 errMsgText  = L_BadClientLicense_ErrorMessage
      case 262 errMsgText  = L_LicenseCantFinishProtocol_ErrorMessage
      case 263 errMsgText  = L_LicenseClientEndedProtocol_ErrorMessage
      case 264 errMsgText  = L_LicenseBadClientEncryption_ErrorMessage
      case 265 errMsgText  = L_CantUpgradeLicense_ErrorMessage
      case 266 errMsgText  = L_LicenseNoRemoteConnections_ErrorMessage
      case else errMsgText = L_ErrMsg_Text
      end select
      if extendedDiscReason > 4096 then
         errMsgText = L_ProtocolErrWITHCODE_ErrorMessage  & errMsgText
      end if
      ' no extended error information, use the disconnect code
      select case disconnectCode
      case 0   errMsgText  = L_ErrMsg_Text
      case 1   errMsgText  = L_ErrMsg_Text
      case 2   errMsgText  = L_ErrMsg_Text
      case 260 errMsgText  = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 262 errMsgText  = L_LowMemory_ErrorMessage
      case 264 errMsgText  = L_ConnectionTimeout_ErrorMessage
      case 516 errMsgText  = L_NotResponding_ErrorMessage
      case 518 errMsgText  = L_LowMemory_ErrorMessage
      case 520 errMsgText  = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 772 errMsgText  = L_NetworkErr_ErrorMessage
      case 774 errMsgText  = L_LowMemory_ErrorMessage
      case 776 errMsgText  = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 1028 errMsgText = L_NetworkErr_ErrorMessage
      case 1030 errMsgText = L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage
      case 1032 errMsgText = L_IllegalServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 1286 errMsgText = L_EncryptionError_ErrorMessage
      case 1288 errMsgText = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 1540 errMsgText = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 1542 errMsgText = L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage
      case 1544 errMsgText = L_LowMemory_ErrorMessage
      case 1796 errMsgText = L_NotResponding_ErrorMessage
      case 1798 errMsgText = L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage
      case 1800 errMsgText = L_CannotLoopBackConnect_ErrorMessage
      case 2052 errMsgText = L_BadServerName_ErrorMessage
      case 2056 errMsgText = L_LicensingNegotFailed_ErrorMessage
      case 2310 errMsgText = L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage
      case 2566 errMsgText = L_SecurityErr_ErrorMessage
      case 2822 errMsgText = L_EncryptionError_ErrorMessage
      case 3078 errMsgText = L_EncryptionError_ErrorMessage
      case 3080 errMsgText = L_DecompressionFailed_ErrorMessage
      case 3334 errMsgText = L_ProtocolErr_ErrorMessage
      case 10500 errMsgText = L_ProtocolErr_ErrorMessage
      case else errMsgText = L_InternalErr_ErrorMessage
      end select
   end if
   msgbox errMsgText,0,L_DisconnectedCaption_ErrorMessage
end sub

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I'm not a programmer, but logically I would think you can change this:

<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" name="Server" size="41" id="editServer" value="">


<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" name="Server" size="41" id="editServer" value="SERVER">

Then they would need something either in their LMhosts or DNS that says that SERVER =


either force the part where RDP opens to not even look at that INPUT box and just open a static value of


after that line of code above, put something in that says IF value="SERVER" then change value to =

Again, I'm no programmer, just trying to think out the structure for you and shoot out ideas to help you out.


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CubbybulinAuthor Commented:
That worked! I added a record in DNS with the remote IP address, worked perfect! Thanks!
Great...happy to help!
CubbybulinAuthor Commented:
Oh, it does not work from outside of the building... :(
heh...that's because you added it to the internal DNS.  You'll need to change your "VALUE=" to be something like "" and then have whomever hosts your DNS records externally to put in a host record for it and point it to the external IP address.

Course that also means you need to allow RDP access from external too.
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