How to transfer data off an old SCO Unix box using serial port, without NIC

I have an old SCO Unix system that has serial access only, I need to copy large amounts of data files from the server to Windows.  Can anyone suggest a utility that will do that?  Currently we are using DejaWin as an emulator to access the application.
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uuencode is present on virtually any UNIX :-)

thy this:
1) Create tar.gz archive of what you want to transfer, suppose backup.tar.gz
2) run
uuencode backup.tar.gz backup.tar.gz > catme.txt
3) Turn on capture log on your serial console client application
4) run
cat catme.txt
5) Now extract locally from console log text portion from
begin 644 backup.tar.gz
including 'begin' and 'end' lines
6) Save locally this text as 'backup.uue'
7) Run locally
uudecode backup.uue
8) Now you have a file 'bakup.tar.gz'

P.S. kermit, 'sz' and 'rz' do almost the same

kermit should be able to do it
You can use KERMIT or sz

Please read the answer in http:Q_21562013.html
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TeleTechieAuthor Commented:
The emulation software has "UCOPY" built it but it also needs to be on the SCO server.  If I can get this over there, it may handle everything we need.  Can someone give detailed instructions on how to get the file, and get it on the server?
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TeletTechie: comment from Nopius answers your question completely.
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