Stumped by a Kernel32.dll error

ok I have an issue with an installed application that I have written and 3 days later I still can't work out what might possibly be causing the problem.

Windows XP machines
Delphi Application
Delphi compiled .dll

I have an application I have written that uses a dll that I have also written.
The application talks to the .dll and the .dll talks to my SQLServer database.
The method I use to pass information between the application and the .dll is using TDataSetProvider, therefore the midas.dll

The problem I am getting is that on 80% of the PCs I have tested the installation on it works fine.
The other 20% are generating a kernel32.dll error.
This happens between the splash screen and the main form showing. Between these 2 forms is where it initially requests some information from the database via the .dll

If you need more information then please ask and Ill be more than happy to oblige as I am now totally at a loss of possible options.
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Mike LittlewoodEngineerAsked:
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>>  Between these 2 forms is where it initially requests some information from the database via the .dll
can You determine if error is raised when DLL is loaded or after DLL is loaded and some function is called?

Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
I'm afraid not to be honest.
Maybe I should write a load of messages and save them to a text file at intervals during the application load.
yep some kind of Log utility would be helpfull to You:)

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Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
Ive put in 4 simple messages around 2 areas.

1 message before it calls for an instance of the .dll and 1 message after it has created it.
1 message before it requests data through the .dll and 1 after it has received data.

When calling for an instance of the .dll library it doesnt actually do anything within the .dll or create anything within it as I have kept it light.
It only creates connections to the database from within the .dll when I actually request data.

Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
On another note, one of our I.T. people said he saw a Kernel32.dll GetTickCount failure message at some point when starting the application.
Any idea what this is or if it could be related?
so where You able to detect in which step error occurs?

one more question this error occurs only and always on same machines? or is it random?

Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
Im still waiting for the results of which point it fails at but will get back to you Ziolko

It always occurs on the same 2 machines (maybe more but these are the only two that require the application to be installed)
Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
Ok well I finally worked out what the issue was.
Some rogue piece of code looking for the installed crystal reports dll that didnt exist on their PCs.
wtb more informative error messages please Microsoft !

Also could a page moderator remove this question.

Thanks for the moral boost Ziolko :o)
if you want delete this Q go here:
Mike LittlewoodEngineerAuthor Commented:
Great thanks Ziolko
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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