Program to restrict access to filesystem

Hi all
I’m looking for a program that can restrict write access to the file system on win2k/XP, similar to the program ewa (Enhanced Write Access) that ships with XP Embedded..
We found that the thin client we tested wasn’t powerful enough for the applications it should run. Therefore we want a normal PC, but want to restrict write access to the file system.

Any suggestions ?
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Well there is always Windows it self. Any directory can be configured with write access to specific users or groups. Just right click and select Security.
If you configure users and group security you can very easily control access to any file or folder under windows as long as your partition is formatted using NTFS.  You can also encrypt files with windows starting at 2000.  Simply right click the folder and select the security tab.  You can then manage the users and group access using the checkboxes.  All you have to do is uncheck the write access for the user or group that is logged into the machine.
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