HTML Stationery Template in Outlook

Here's my template:

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

Our sales guys want to have a Visit Report template that they can compose within their e-mail (Outlook).  The first thing I came up with was to create an HTML template as shown above.  

With the template as the body of the e-mail, you can click around in each different 'field' to input data.  However, the only draw back to this design, and I'm not sure if it's a limitation of trying to use HTML in this capacity or not, is that when they're putting in data say in the bottom 3 fields (the ones that are fitted to have the most data), the data doesn't wrap to the next line, but instead continues to expand into the other 2 fields and shrinks them.

If you look at the HTML code, you'll notice fixed width's on the tables and percentage based width's on the table data cells.  I have tried with both fixed width and percentage based table data cells.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
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ThinkPaperIT ConsultantCommented:
In your HTML, make sure to explicitly specify all your widths to pixels. You can't just have the number only.

I.E. <table border=0 width="600px">
<tr><td width="200px">blah</td></tr>

That should automatically make the widths "stick" and not smush over when you have text.

You can also use CSS if that doesn't work:

<table width="600px">
<td style="word-wrap: break-word">blah blah blah</td>


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djhathAuthor Commented:
Tried adding the px...and coding "appropriately" with quotes and it still doesn't work.

The link has my updated code.

I don't know CSS, so I'm unfortunately at mercy for trying it.
you really don't want to use actual pixels in the width attribute of a td tag (it works, but usually only in IE).  Best bet would be to use inline styles, or with a CSS stylesheet.

instead of:
<table border=0 width="600px">
<td width="200px">blah</td>
<td width="400px">blah</td>

do it like this:
<table border=0 style="width:600px;">
<td style="width:200px">blah</td>
<td>blah in column 2</td>
here is a fantastic tutorial, on how to use CSS, as this is the way you really should be doing it
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