How do I customize my login form to include a "Remember me" checkbox?

We have customized login forms for various different Domino web databases.
I would like to include a "Remember me" checkbox in the login form, but have no idea how to implement it.
Session-based authentication is turned on, but how do I pre-populate the username and password field on the login form when the session has timed out?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'm terribly afraid that cannot be done. You can change the form, but the Domino server takes care of the authentication and the rest. Usually, it's a feature of a browser.

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int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
I find this hard to believe.

Nearly all serious internet applications (including experts-exchange) show a "remember me" checkbox, and this should definitely be possible under Domino as well.

Any other thoughts than "impossible" ?
Well, you would need to implement it with the info saved locally, via a separate form that saves the Username and password that they enter.
The info would need to be saved locally , which is not good from a security point of view, and then the web  server and client would have to know where to find the info.
You could put it in a cookie or a text file.

I hope this helps !

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I have lots of thoughts besides "impossible", but not related to this subject. The form is customizable, and that's all there is. All security is handled by the Domino server. You might be allowed to create an onSubmit-function to put something in a cookie indeed, but that's not really serious, is it?
int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
Then how come this feature is so common on the web?
Is Domino just a bit primitive in not being able to provide this functionality?
Actually it is the other ay around.
Domino does not want to bypass security to allow too easy access.

I hope this helps !
int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
Ok so I guess IBM could defend it as a conscious security decision.

But for these 500 points is there really no way at all to do this, and do it securely, with Domino?
I was reading a somewhat related article which mentioned a DSAPI filter. Would that make it work? Are there any third party tools that would make it work?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I think we both said that it isn't possible, but it's just the two of us. You could wait for others to post...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
About the other question: okay with me, I said it wasn't possible but I didn't read the question carefully enough... Mea culpa. A refund seems the right thing to do.

But this question is trhuthfully answered with: no can do, unless you want to bypass security via JavaScript (if that will work at all...). According to EE's Help, a delete/refund shouldn't be granted when the user isn't satisfied with the correct answer. I rest my case, your honour.
int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
Point taken, but on the other hand I would think the 500 points would only be deserved if I'd been given a solution to my problem.
I did ask "how do I ..." and not "is it possible to ...".
We're getting into semantics here, and I don't want to be difficult to people who are honestly trying to help, but I didn't select 500 points for "This problem is extremely difficult" for nothing.
Anyway, I'd suggest a split between sjef bosman and SysExpert.
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