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I have two PCs with XP.
Is it possible from one PC to actively startup and shutdown the other one.
They are connected by a cable between the two network cards.

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See the comment posted here about setting up magic packets.

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Yes it is!
Wake on lan requires that your network cards support PXE

If you have XP Pro it is easy to use Remote Desktop to shutdown the other PC.
If you have XP home you could use
Yes its Possible,

All you need for the shutdown is some remote administration software to automatically shutdown the pc
There are plenty of freeware apps or shareware ones out there that provide this.

And if you want to restart the pc from a shutdown state make sure you check that it has a WOL ( wake-on-lan ) cable connected to the ethernet/lan card on the pc ur trying to wake up. these usually come with a network card when you purchase it .
If you dont have the little cable connecting from the mainboard to the network card you will have to find one or purchase a new card to get the wire.

Once you have that you will have to find the wake-on-lan software, this cant be really done by conventinal means but, there are a few programs out there that will send a "magic packet" to the remote computer, and wake it up.

Make sure on the Remote Computer you have set it in the bios for WOL or wake on lan seting to active or yes, otherwise it wont work.

If you have a fairly new computer some pcs dont require the cable, but im not sure how true this is so i wont lead you on about it.

To shutdown:

Go cmd and write shutdown -s -m \\computername -t 20 -c "We are going down in 20 secs !!!"

Easy, free, scriptable. You can even program it on task manager ;)

(To restart, replace "-s" by "-r")

(Of course, you must be using an account with admin OR shutdown privilegies on the remote machine, either domain account or local duplicated account on both pc's)
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