SMBD taking 62.9% of CPU

So I have a server with a SMBD process constantly taking 62.9% of the CPU.  The user that the samba process belongs to is a basic user who does a fair amount of printing to a shared printer on that server.  Why would it be taking that much of the CPU?  Any suggestions?
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I encountered the same problem. Upgrading to newest version helped (at least so far - few weeks)
hsspringAuthor Commented:
kill -9'ing the process or restarting is a temporary fix as the usage comes right back..
hsspringAuthor Commented:
Upgrading is not an option unfortunately.  Server cannot be upgraded due to budget constraints and upgradeing samba will wreak havoc on our ERP system.

Any other suggestions?

The user has spoolsv.exe taking 32% of his local CPU (P4 2.8 Ghz)....

it has been scanned for viruses and spyware and nothing appeared.
hsspringAuthor Commented:
the printer drivers (lexmark optra t614) for some reason were causing the problem.
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