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Is there any equivalent of Request.ServerVariables("URL") in coldfusion i'm trying HTTP_REFERER though it gave me the whole path. I need the page name only

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It sounds like you're looking for SCRIPT_NAME, but if that's not right either, you can do a <cfdump var="#CGI#" /> and get all the variable information.
keevinAuthor Commented:
script_name gives me /foldername/filename.cfm.

I'm looking for the file name only
Try ListLast(SCRIPT_NAME,'/')
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keevinAuthor Commented:
actually the full path is like below which i've obtain using http_referer

l need to get foldername/filename.cfm

SCRIPT_NAME should return foldername/filename.cfm
keevinAuthor Commented:
yeah, but i'm using frame in the page

so SCRIPT_NAME return foldername/topframe.cfm

i need to get foldername/mainframe.cfm
keevinAuthor Commented:
which i can get using http_referer or path_translator
keevinAuthor Commented:
i'm trying to use  ListSetAt(1,http_referer,'/') but been unsucessfull
<cfset referpath = HTTP_REFERER />
<cfset path = ListLast(referpath,"/") />
<cfset referpath = Left(referpath,Len(referpath)-Len(path)) />
<cfset path = "#ListLast(referpath,'/')#/#path#" />

Then you can use the #path# variable

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<cfset variables.referpath = CGI.HTTP_REFERER />
<cfset variables.path = ListLast(variables.referpath,"/") />
<cfset variables.referpath = Left(variables.referpath,Len(variables.referpath)-Len(variables.path)) />
<cfset variables.path = ListLast(referpath,'/')&"/"&path />

I will get you all to start using variable scopes correctly and stop overusing #'s in CFSETs ;oD

Another solution to this would be to treat cgi.script_name as a "/" delimited list as mkishline has done and delete the first two list items from cgi.script_name.

<!--- Remove the domain name --->
<cfset variables.refererPath = ListDeleteAt(cgi.script_name,2,"/")>
<!--- Remove the http:// --->
<cfset variables.refererPath = ListDeleteAt(variables.refererPath,1,"/")>

From "" this will give you "foldername/filename.cfm"

If you're wondering why deleting the list element at position 2 removes the domain name when its actually in position 3 in the list, this is because CF ignores empty list elements.  The // between http: and consitutes an empty list item and is ignored.
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