Create IFREAME with Dreamweaver 8

Hi I am trying to use Iframe in dreamweaver, but when I go and check it out on the IE doesn't work, so I don't know what is wrong, here is the code

<TABLE height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0
                            <TD vAlign=top><IFRAME id=content name=content
                              frameBorder=0 width=548 scrolling=no
                              height=400></IFRAME><!-- Data goes here
                              <blockquote><br><strong>ABOUT US</strong>
                              <div align="justify"><br>Techno Mina Communications
                                is a developing and mastering all the existing
                                Internet and computer services with the fast moving
                                world of Internet industries. This is our strength
                                and what enables us to be at the forefront of
                                the market. We are continuously developing our
                                system prepared devotedly our full resources to
                                suitable services, in the Internet industries.
                                  <li> TMC is designed to compliment our operations
                                    staff in providing logical solutions and management
                                    services to our clients Globally.</li>
                                  <li> TMC has experience and Professional Management,
                                    Operations and Sales Staff. </li>
                                  <li> TMC is a leading provider of Internet services
                                    and programs to remote locations across the
                                It was established in1989, with outstanding reputation
                                of high - quality computer services, including
                                hardware sales, software programming, customer
                                technical support as specialized computer services
                                company TMC realized the importance of the internet
                                and the need of fast internet access. <br>
                                  <li> TMC established an ISP (Internet Service
                                    provider) division 1997 with e-mail, gopher
                                    and www presence.</li>
                                  <li>TMC ISP service is based on high quality
                                    products from industry leading vendors as
                                    SUN Nortel and AT&T. </li>
                                  <li> TMC is a leading company in the field of
                                    information technology & a provider of integrated
                                  <li> TMC is an Alexandria based company providing
                                    a full range of services to Alexandria community
                                    ranging from PC based solutions including
                                    LAN / WAN / Intranet and Internet with 12
                                    years experience in the information technology
                                  <li> TMC has set a standard to provide solutions
                                    through technical excellence gained by its
                                    highly experienced staff & various divisions
                                    within the company.</li>
                              </div></blockquote>--><!--Data ends here-->

I have link for contact us and I used this frame to display it
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi asamuel,

Check your code carefully.  You have an open comment:

<!-- Data goes here

Everything after that is commented text.  No browser will display it.
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