Weird Box appear on the desktop and it appear throught everything that we open,

Hello guys i have a weird problem here and i have no idea of the good term for that problem , i couldn't find something on this site for now thats why i ask for help.

What i did before it happen:

- I installed Driver for wireless mouse logitec, it ask for reboot , i rebooted, after booted up, i log in go in the mouse setup to change the pointer sensitivity, i close the setup program then at this time exactly where the setup box were, we have a box on the desktop we can click on it , its like a big buttom and the problem is if i open another program , another windows, the big box go throught everything ,

It goes throught every layer of the display.if i open 10 excel windows in full screen the box go trought all of them ,
its impossible to work properly in this situation.

what i did to try to resolve this:

First , i rebooted again, but soon as we log in, the box are there,

then , i shutdown the laptop and remove the Li-ION battery, i tought that something may could stay in the Memory RAM,
but unfortunetly it didnt work,

I went into the property display and i change the Pixel setting from 1024x768 to 800x600, Then i put it back to 1024x768
IT WORKS , COOL , but its just a temporary fix, the box will re-appear couple of minutes later.

whats going on with that ????

someone can help me out please, thank you
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I can't imagine what this would be. Can you give us more details about this mysterious box. Perhaps it would be helpful if you printed the screen and saved the file to upload so we could see it.

If you turn the sensitivity back down, does the box go away ? (is the mouse too sensitive and is opening a window)

If you hit control,alt,delete to view task manager, do you see any programs open that were not specifically opened by you ?

You could open msconfig (under start>>run) and uncheck various things that you don't recognize under the startup tab.
monsieurxAuthor Commented:
ok soon as the box re appear i will take a screenshot,

i will run a full scan to be sure but
im sure there is nothing to do with a virus or spyware, this laptop run well this last year, we are on a corporate environment with norton security corporate, windows antispyware & defender.

and i completly uninstall the mouse driver software after this box appear(i forgot to told this on my introduction).

i already seen this kind of BUG, but it was only temporary , just rebooting or wait a little bit and it dissapear
I got winamp install (mp3 player), it happen some time that it freeze up , ok i push CTRL+ALT+DEL go task manager and i stop this process, what happen is , winamp are open on my screen , and because i brutally stop the process it close and the place where it was on my screen stay blank and we can't see nothing else at this place in the screen except this blank space occupied by winamp before it closed.

my problem is very similar except that it dont want to leave,
i just uninstall the video driver, the display driver and even uninstalled the box was there after a reboot LOL crazy,
anyway I reinstall them , the box re appear, i change the pixel size of the display just to temporary fix the problem,

this is where i am , im actually wainting to this box to re appear i will take a screenshot of this .

thanks for help

monsieurxAuthor Commented:
I found what it is,

It the Magnifier of windows, i never use that of my life, there is a bug there, and by the way i took a screenshot of it,
How can i post it here??

Magnifier---> go to Start, programs, accesories, accessibility, MAGNIFIER.

for some reason it screw up my screen at one specific place during a mouse driver installation and dont want to get away.

you have an idea??
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