Wireless router unable to connect to internet


I recently purchased a Linksys WAG354G Wireless modem/router.

Upon initial setup i was told the router was unable to connect to the internet and that i should try turning the modem off and then on. This worked and hey presto, i was connected to the internet.

I then tried to reinstall the modem/router. I entered all the information asked for via the CD Setup the same as the first time round, the router seemed to take the settings ok but when trying to connect to the internet i again received the same message "router unable to connect internet try turning off and on"

I have rebooted my pc and reset router numerous times, the dsl light is lit but still no joy.

I have triple checked dsl login details.

i am using a laptop via wireless on Xp sp2. IP addresses gained automatically.

Does anyone have any ideas??

many thanks
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
i would recommend uninstalling the linksys applications on your computer.  there is no need for them.
hard reset the router (use a paperclip)
then log into the router and set it up without the assistance of the cd or linksys software.  it is easy enough to do yourself, and you can then verify that the settings are correct.

in all actuality, you should have no setup on the router at all.  the only settings you would want to change are security related (SSID, password to log in, encryption.. etc).  so if you uninstall the linksys stuff on your computer and hard reset your router, you should be able to get online.  then, go back and log into the router directly and change the security settings (SSID, password to log in and enable encryption.  you will also have to configure your computer to handle the encryption, but it is easy too).    here are step by step instructions for setting up the encryption : http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/tutorials/article.php/3552826
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
oh yes... dont forget to do a ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew after you reset the router.
type : ipconfig /release <<Enter>>
type : ipconfig /renew <<enter>>

then wait about 30 seconds and try the internet

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JamesFrogAuthor Commented:
Tried as you suggested. Still no joy.
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When you do the ipconfig /renew, do you get an IP address?  Are you able to log into your router's interface at ?
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
log into the routers interface with if your connection is DSL then you will likeley have to use RFC 2516 PPPoE as your encapsulation and then put in your username/password below. if your modem is allreddy handleing this and pushing a public address through then you will want to use RFC 1483 Bridged

either way use the default nat and private address on the Network setup portion.

check to see if your linksys is connected by clicking on the status tab. if you are useing pppoe there will be a connect and disconnect button you will be connected if you se a public address under internet ip address.
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
for anyone wanting to be spcific on the exact steps to take there is an emulater for this device at http://www.linksysdata.com/ui/WAG54G/v2/1.00.09/Status.htm
JamesFrogAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies.

Yes i can interface with the router via but it still will not connect to the internet.

My encapsulation is PPPoA and all ISP settings are correct for the UK.

I started to think it was a problem with the router/modem so have just been out and replaced it....same problem, identical unit.

How can it be that it has worked previously and wont now????  could it be a port problem?? I can get no error or log info other than "router unable to connect to internet"
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