reverse proxy server error

We try to test our proxy server through IBM_HTTP_Server/ - PK07831 Apache/2.047, but not success.  Here is the error msg:
[debug] proxy_util.c(11181): proxy HTTP: fam 2 socket created to connect to
[error] (78)Connection timed out: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to ( failed

Can anyone tell us what is wrong and what should we do?  Thank you for your help
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yes, the proxy server is unable to establish an HTTP session to, the 172.16 range is reserved for internal use, is this proxy server proxying only for internal addresses?. Also can you give me more information about your topology, it sounds like your proxy is misplaced or misconfigured.

- SaP -

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lynnlyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.

Here is what we try to do: we have two web application servers:  Websphere, application languge is java, running on UNIX,  other web application server is IIS, application is coding by asp, running on NT.  When user request NT application from UNIX(home site), we need to redirect response to the user and connect user to NT via an IHS apache (outside of DMZ) proxying for NT address, we don't want NT address expose to the internet.  User are internet user outside of internet fire wall, UNIX and NT are inside DMZ.  

You said internal addresses, does that mean not registered address? and "proxy is misplaced", where should we place it based on what I described above?

I understand what you said that proxy may misconfigured, but where and how to correct it, can you give me clue?  

lynnlyAuthor Commented:
Hi, SaP
Need your help.  Do you need more info?  Thanks
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internal addresses are used for local network, not internet.
so, if you are developing an internet oriented proxy, it obviously wont
lynnlyAuthor Commented:
I am new to the network, can you please give me more detail? What you said is we need translate internal address to internet address? If this is correct, how?  Should we use Network Address Translation(NAT) or proxy server can handle the translation?  thanks for your help
well, first of all try pinging the ip 172.x.x.x from the machine where the proxy
is installed and running, to see if that machine can reach the 172.x.x.x

if it can, then check is there any firewall installed, that may prevent the access
to the 172.x.x.x

anyway, from the machine where the proxy has been installed, at the DOS
prompt, type

  tracert 172.x.x.x

and you'll see the replies from every machine that's in between the 172.x.x.x
and the machine you're tracerouting from.
lynnlyAuthor Commented:
I know what you said are right direction where we should go, but I have been assigned to other things by management.  I will get back with you in about one week.  thanks
lynnlyAuthor Commented:
Please don't close this,  I will continue to work on this issue soon.
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