Tomcat startup problem


I installed tomcat 4.1 and was trying to setup JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME environemnt variables

I set up the JAVA_HOME varable to C:\Borland\JBuilder2005\jdk1.4

and was to trying to setup the

CATALINA_HOME variable to C:\Tomcat (where I installed the Tomcat)

but when I echo %CATALINA_HOME%

it doesn't show me any variable

In order to set up the environment variable I am going over the following procedure

right click my computer - properties
 - advanced - environment variables - add

Please if any one help me in figuring out why the environment varible CATALINA_HOME is not setting up nad also if there any other variables or other steps to run TOMCAT 4.1

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you will probably need to log off and log back in for the shell (explorer) to re-read those environment variables.
So once you set the environment vars as you described (which is the right way by the way), log off, log back in and open a command prompt and type
and it should show you the right value.

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As liviutudor said, you need to restart/reboot...  Usually, you just need to Apply and when you open a new CMD you should have access to it.  But if you had the CMD opened and you add the env. variable, it will not take it.  Try openning a new CMD if you don't want to reboot.
I usually have a bat script that has those variables set and then I start tomcat.  That's because I have more than one JDK in my machine for different development.  Here is an example:

set APPFUSE=D:\Dev\AppFuse
set HOME=%APPFUSE%\Source
set JAVA_HOME=%SDKS_HOME%\j2sdk1.4.2_08
set ANT_HOME=%TOOLS_HOME%\apache-ant-1.6.5
set CATALINA_HOME=%TOOLS_HOME%\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28
set MYSQL_HOME=%TOOLS_HOME%\mysql-4.1.18-win32
set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%ANT_HOME%\bin;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin;%MYSQL_HOME%\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;c:\bin;c:\cygwin\bin
royalcyberAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I got it. But int_20h I tried running the batch file on cmd line but it didn't work. I am new to Unix commands, can u please let me know how can I run the batch file and for future refernce if I need to use different jdk for differnt applications how can I map different applications to differnt jdk's

Thnak again

Unix?  I thought you're using a windows machine since your said: "I set up the JAVA_HOME varable to C:\Borland\JBuilder2005\jdk1.4".  Anyway, you save the file as a .bat file (i.e. setmeup.bat).  When you're at the CMD prompt, call the script... Make sure you change the values of your directories.  The sample I provided uses different directories for the different apps I have.  You probably need JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME, and CATALINA_HOME.
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