PL/SQL Case Statement

Hi Guys,

I need to update a column base on values from another column. Lets say I have a table Cust with fields
Sales and Bracket. Sales has the actual values and Bracket is null. I'd like to create a Case statement to the following break down

IF Sales >= 0 and Sales < 150 Then
       Bracket = 1
Else IF Sales >= 150 and Sales < 300 Then
       Bracket  = 2
Else IF Sales >= 300 and Sales < 600 Then
       Bracket = 3
Else IF Sales >= 600 and Sales < 900 Then
       Bracket = 4
Else IF Sales >= 900 Then
       Bracket = 5
End IF;

Thanks so very much for your help!

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      SET bracket = CASE
                              WHEN sales BETWEEN 0    AND 149 THEN 1
                              WHEN sales BETWEEN 150 AND 299 THEN 2
                              WHEN sales BETWEEN 300 AND 599 THEN 3
                              WHEN sales BETWEEN 600 AND 899 THEN 4
                              WHEN sales >= 900 THEN 5
                            ELSE null -- or whatever default value you choose

Hope that helps!

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JoeSand2005Author Commented:
Hi Pennnn,

I tried your code and I got this error message
ERROR at line 2:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkmgpvc2], [], [], [], [], [], [],
Do you have any idea why?

JoeSand2005Author Commented:
Hey Pennnn,

I got it, problem solve, your code works pretty good. I really appreciate your help

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