F- Secure antivirus

I would like to know if this antivirus is better than Kaspersky.
Thank you!
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Hello Leux,
I haven't read anything more negative about F Secure than I have Kaspersky. Everyone seems to have a favorite and for various reasons. Personally I like AVG. Lucky or not I've been virus free since its install on to my systems. (Three years now.)
I've included a review of F-Secure. Perhaps this might help you. :-)
My vote will go for Kaspersky! :)

I think Kaspersky is the best out there in terms of detecting and removing nasties. Some antivirus can detect but not remove all the nasties they detect. There has been a review done by malware experts comparing few antivirus such as Ewido, BiT Defender, Panda, TrendMicro, and they all missed viruses that was picked up by Kaspersky.

Early last year when Bube.d (aka Win32.Beavis) infections hit computers, antispyware forums were swamped with bube infected Hijackthis logs and only Kaspersky antivirus were able to help remove the infections with their free trial.
A final thought Leux.
Anti-virus suites are only as good as their latest definition files and the frequency in which they are updated on systems.
Kaspersky vs. F-Secure

I hope it helps you

My favorite is kaspersky.
I havent got a virus 2 years ago :)
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