How to implement a second Samba server for directories only

I have a master Samba server which populates the smbpasswd file from the yppasswd services.  This server acts as our main file server and authentication server for our "Windows" Domain.  

 I have a second box that I would like to simply share a directory.  How do I setup the config file to authenticate using the same credentials from the original samba server?  

When I try to connect I can see it in the Browse list but I am always prompted for username/passowrd and denied.

Here is the bulk of the smb.conf file


# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name
   workgroup = COMPANY
   netbios aliases = www
   log level = 3

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field
;   server string = Samba Server
   hosts allow = 192.168.0. 192.168.10. 192.168.30. 127.
   security = user
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
   remote announce =
   local master = no
   name resolve order = wins lmhosts bcast

# Windows Internet Name Serving Support Section:
# WINS Support - Tells the NMBD component of Samba to enable it's WINS Server
;   wins support = yes

# WINS Server - Tells the NMBD components of Samba to be a WINS Client
#       Note: Samba can be either a WINS Server, or a WINS Client, but NOT both
   wins server =
   dns proxy = no

   comment = directory
   path = /var/www/html
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   create mask = 0765
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just set the security to server and set the servername to the name of the first samba server.

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DanRaposoAuthor Commented:
when you say to set the server name do you mean like this

security = server
password server = sambamaster

When configured like this I get

smbclient -L //www
session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

also, what about security = domain will that work and if so what is the key to implementing that?

when I run a test withsecurity=domain I get the follwing

 smbclient -L //www
DanRaposoAuthor Commented:
It does seem to work with security=server like above, but why do I get the above mentioned error with the smbclient test?

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