Moving Home folders to a different server

Ok, here is what I hope will be a really easy question.

I have a SBS 2003 server currently serving as an Exchange Server, and File Server among other things.  This server is very quickly running out of hard drive space.  I have acquired a new server, and I want to move the file server functionality to this new server.  I need to know how to tell active directory (running on the older server) to create users home folders on the new server.  I have read the Microsoft white paper on how to move data folders.  I assume that naming a share "Users" is how sbs 2003 knows where to create the home folders if the share is on the same server as AD.  Will this work if the "Users" share is on a different server entirely? If not, what is the best way to create a new users home folder without doing it manually?

I hope this was clear enought.  If not, I give more info.

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MS actually provides a tool now for File server migrations...see here:

The idea behind it was a NT4/2000 file server moving to a 2003 server, but it works for 2003 to 2003 as well.

NOTE:  I haven't actually needed to use the tool I cannot guarantee how well it works, but I would suggest looking into it.
adear11Author Commented:
I guess I wasn't exactly clear.  My appologies.  I can migrate the folders to the new server.  Thats not my problem.  What I need to know is after I have moved the folders, how do I tell AD to use the location on the new server as the Home folder location instead of where it was on the older server.

Right now, when I use the Add user wizard to add a user, the Home folder is created at \\server\Users.  I want it to be created at \\new-server\Users without me having to specify this new location everytime I setup a new user.

Thanks for the link to that tool, it will come in handy when I get ready to actually move to the new server.
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To change existing home folder locations in AD, just do a query in ADUC for all users that use that home folder server, then highlight all, right click, properties, then change the path from \\server\users\%username% to \\new-server\users\%username% and hit OK.  That will update all profiles (be sure and do this AFTER you have migrated the folders and files or it will create username folders for each user on the new server automatically).

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adear11Author Commented:
Ok, that takes care of my current users.  Now, how do I tell AD to use the location on the new server to create any new user's Home folders.  I don't want to have to create a folder and set up the permissions everytime I create a new user.

You don't create the just point them to the "Users" share.

So with a new user the home folder would be \\new-server\users\%username%

Then you hit apply and it will change it to \\new-server\users\bsmith

and it will have created the bsmith folder and the proper permissions.
adear11Author Commented:
Ok, I am trying to set the home folder of a user to the Users share on the new server.  When I tell AD to apply the new settings, I get a message that says that AD does not have permission to create a folder for the user on the new server.  What permissions are required for the share so that AD can create the user folder on the other server?
If you are logged in as a domain admin, then that should work.  The share and NTFS permissions on that location need to have "Domain Admins" Full Control.
adear11Author Commented:
Thanks, Domain Admins didn't have full control of the folder.  I knew I was overlooking something.  

Thanks for all the good advice.  I think I have this issue licked now.
Not a problem...happy to help out.
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