SQL - set certain records to nothing - not null or zero - as if no data was in the columns for selected rows

HI ,

I am trying to update certain rows of a dbase and set certain columns in the rows to nothing. Someone has entered zeros in these columns and I need to update the table and set the rows back to empty (not null or zero)

have tried "  " and '  '  but getting  syntax errors. What can I use to set the rows back to empty as if there was no data there ?

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UPDATE dbo.yourtable
SET yourfield=NULL
WHERE yourfield=0

>>>>>>I need to update the table and set the rows back to empty (not null

"nothing" IS null. So if you want to set tjose rows to nothing 0 can't be used as it is int, " " cannot be used as it is varchar... and it is not "nothing".  SO it shld be null

so the query shld be
update <tablename>
set <column>=null WHERE <column>=0
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>What can I use to set the rows back to empty as if there was no data there ?<<
If you do not want to use Null, than try this:

Update YourTableName
Set YourColumnName = ''
Where YourColumnName = '0'
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Also, the following question is considered abandoned, please attend to it:
pabby061203Author Commented:
Hi again and thanks.

I have found that it is slightly more complicated now. There are complete rows in this table that have been populated with a zero in each cell. I need to identify where the complete rows of zeros are - there may be other rows that have one or two zeros in them - I don't need to update those rows - it is only where a row is totally populated with zeros -not partially populated.

The column names are  Question1, question2, question3, question4 and question5. Tablename is tblanswers.
any ideas ?

thanks again.

pabby061203Author Commented:
Hi ,

I have solved this one myself ,  I used  

update tblanswers
set question1 = ' ' where question1 = 0 and question2 = 0 and question3 = 0 and question4 = 0 and question5 = 0

then I ran the same statement to set question2 = ' ' where question1 = 0 etc etc etc etc

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>I have solved this one myself <<
Great! Now please close the question.
pabby061203Author Commented:

I would like to close this question but am not seeing where to do this . Can you point me in the right direction,

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Can you point me in the right direction<<
Sure.  It is all covered in the EE Help:

What are my choices?

Accept an Expert's Comment as the Answer http://www.experts-exchange.com/Databases/Microsoft_SQL_Server/help.jsp#hi68
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Closed, 125 points refunded.
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