Publisher could not be verified - Windows 2003 server

I have an application that I am running on W2003 server.   When I access it from a workstation, the Security Warning box that advises "The publisher could not be verified..."  also has a check box that I can advise "don't ask again".

However, when I need to access the app on the server itself, the Security Warning screen does not have the checkbox... so I have to click through all the time.  I am scheduling this app to run at specific times... and I will not be there to click through it.

Is there somewhere I can disable this security "feature" for this application?

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
you may also do it with GPEDIT.MSC, the Group Policy Editor. under Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Windows Setttings/Security Settings/Public Key Policies/Automatic Certificate Request Settings, add your new policy here with the build-in wizard.
The publishers are listed in Internet Option/Content/Publishers - you can change the options by clicking the advanced button under trusted or untrusted publishers.
Jeff BeckhamEngineerCommented:
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Tomster2Author Commented:
Still testing options on this... please leave thread open... thanks.
Tomster2Author Commented:
Found another solution before I got into these.

If you setup the application to be run from a batch file, windows security ignores it... and the question about publishes never comes up.
Tomster2Author Commented:
PS thanks for your comments.  Although I never got into the other solutions, I split the points as a thanks for your taking time to post possible solutions.
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