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Watchguard Firebox 700 vs. Netgear FVS318

We currently have a WatchGuard Firebox 700 and the fan is failing - no replacement fan available.  Our needs are as follows:  Incoming pptp passthrough for Windows vpn, incmoing and outgoing e-mail and web traffic - we have about 35 users on the lan that access the web and e-mail.  What if any argument would be made to purchase the expensive WatchGuard firewall over the Netgear?  Does the Watchguard have any significant security features over the Netgear?  What about speed?

BTW - I have read a buch of the existing postings on this subject and appreciate the good information.  I was unable to find this specific information in any other posting.  TIA
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-exptechnicalAuthor Commented:
One more question:  Is there any difference in the firewall of the Netgear FVS318 and the FVS114?  They appear to be the same except for the additional 4 switch ports.
Easy bit first.

The FVS318 is an older product and is aimed at a highly configurable customer requirement. In principle the FVS114 provides as much of the basic functionality as the bigger but old brothers.  The 318 is aimed at ADSL/Cable modem connections but this doesn't seem to offer anything over the FVS114 in WAN links.
The biggest difference is the ability to link FVS328's together to create a VPN for extension to offices. The FVS114 is aimed at remote connections and internal router/firewall traffic only.
If you don't have any other sites that will need to link via VPN to this, then I would go for the cheaper FVS114.
I would recommend the Watchguard product over Netgear as they have a great deal more control and secure functions than the Netgears. The OS is that much stronger and reliable. However, money being a key factor, you don't get enough extra with the Watchguard to justfiy the extra costs if the Netgear appears to do what you want it to.

My recommendation (imho) is Netgear FVS114.
You might like to think about the ZyXel (ZyWALL) products as well though. IPKON recommend SonicWall and these are priced between the Netgear and the Watchguard.

Sorry to add more to the decision and I hope this helps!!
IPKON Networks Ltd
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