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Hello.  I am looking to start a myspace-type website with the ability to data mine my database and place revelant ads on subsequent pages.

I assume that the  hardware needed to make a solution like this feasible would resemble.

1.  Server for website
2.  Server for database
3.  Server for data warehouse
4.  Clickstream Analysis server
5.  Ad server

Does this make sense?  Does any companies offer solutions to these, if so, which ones and what is the product.  Are they software solutions or hardware solutions?  

Any information on the topic would be greatly appreciated.  

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Yes I would agree that you do need items 1, 2 and 5. Hoever the clickstream analysis server I assume would be integrated into the ad server, or web server depending on the statistics you are trying to acquire. As far as a data warehouse server I am not sure why you would need this. Now then when looking for servers remember that most of the time you can have all of these solutions hosted all on the same server. you might want to look into Mostlyhosting(

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:

If you are just starting this, you certainly wouldn't want to put your capital into hardware.  After creating a working site, the most important issue should be marketing -- getting people to use it.  If and when that happens, you can invest some of the profits in growing your hardware resources.  Another reason to not have your own hardware is that you would also then have to have your own Internet connection large enough to handle even a smidgen of traffic.

You are much better off going with a hosting provider, and I'd suggest that you find one that either provides or has the servers which can handle COMMUNITY SERVER (  I think that you'll find that CommunityServer will give you most everything you're looking for and is a great platform to start with.

I think TechSoEasy and myself have answered his question.
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