loadSound (...) - does killing the movieClip kill the download ?

If I have a SWF loaded on the stage, and the visitor clicks somewhere else and I want that movie to go away, do I just kill the movieClip like -

   delete theMovieClip;

and will that stop the download of images and sounds and child processes which were being loaded/run by the movieClip ?

Or do I have to delete each child object separately ?

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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
deleting a movieClip also removes all child processes automatically...

But you can delete the movieClip using "delete MovieClipInstanceName>"

only if that movieClip is created at runtime using createEmptyMovieClip or attachMovieClip...

if your movieClip is not created at runtime and you still want to delete that movieClip..... you can also do this, using a tricky code....

MovieClipInstanceName.loadMovie("xx"); //

here I have loaded a dummy source in the movieClip, xx is actually not available physically, but it will delete the all contents of the MovieClipInstanceName.



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DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Very good!

Yes, the movie is created (loaded) at runtime via MovieClipLoader, so just deleting is okay.

It's good to know the Hack as well. I assume that hack also stops any child processes/loads/etc ?

Aneesh ChopraCommented:
yes, hack all stops any child processes/loads/
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