our network in a windows network
i am lookin for a bandwidth controller for our network

does linux have a buildin bandwidth controller?
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> does linux have a buildin bandwidth controller?
Yes, but it has to be put as a router/firewall for whole newtwork.
If You want to limit traffic between inside network hosts - You need switch with traffic controller onboard.
One of many howtos
See the below link for a description of how to set this up:

That will give you a much more advanced solution however if you are not comfortable with linux and/or just need a simple solution check out

or something a little more complex
yes linux has one inbuild bandwidth controller tool, just use squid proxy with delay pool option, in my organisation i m using that , and its so effentive.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Sometimes following slution might help for you.

BR Dushan
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