How to navigate Powerpoint using hyperlink to go back to previous slide

Quick question regarding powerpoint.  I am attempting to set up a learning presentation in powerpoint that enables the user to navigate the powerpoint much like a website.  

I have a "back" button and am curious on how to link it so that it goes to the slide it was at before it arrived at the current slide...not necessarily the previous slide in the presentation's order.  e.g. could be on slide 10 and may have come from slide to go back to slide 4...keeping in mind there may be multiple ways to get to slide 10 so linking back to 4 only is not a solution.

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Right click the button and select ACTION SETTINGS
Within the MOUSE CLICK tab, change the HYPERLINK TO: option to say LAST SLIDE VIEWED

(tested in PP2000)
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
Okay...I had removed the mouse click option becuase I do not want the user to be able to click through the show...but rather be forced to navigate it like a web page.  Any suggestions...
You're in luck!  

Click View > Slide Sorter

Right-click any slide after slide 1, and select Slide Transition

Uncheck the box that says ON MOUSE CLICK, then click APPLY TO ALL

Your slides will now not advance when the mouse is pressed.
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groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
Okay so that sort of worked however it is somewhat glitchy...e.g.

my powerpoint has the following slides:

Slide 1 (main menu with link to slide 2 and slide 3)
Slide 2 (link to slide 2a, 2b and back link)
Slide 2a (back link)
Slide 2b (back link)
Slide 3 (link to slide 3a, 3b and back link)
Slide 3a (back link)
Sldie 3b (back link)

Note: where has back link it links to previous viewed slide)

Scenario 1
When I choose this path...
slide1 -> slide 2 -> slide 2a ->back link (takes me to slide 2) ->back link ->takes me to slide 1

Scenario 2
HOWEVER when I choose this other path
slide1 -> slide 3 -> slide 3a ->back link (takes me to slide 3) ->back link ->takes me to slide 3a ... and it flips back and forth between slide 3 and slide 3a whener I hit back...I need it to go to back out...

Ideally I need to be able to go back through the path that was chosen to get to the slide the user is works in scenario 1 however in scenario 2 it does what you would think makes looping back and forth between the two slide (slide 3a and slide 3)...however I need it to work like scenario 1.  I have also looked at the coding onbith scenarios and they both are coded to previous viewed slide...I am wondering if the order of the sldies is playing a role...

Again...there will be multiple paths to get to a slide so I need it to be able to back up through the path without referencing a slide name.  Uping the points on this one...really need a workable solution for this in ppt...keep in mind this will be a huge ppt when done...most likely 100 slides so navigation is very essential...would have done web however...I am helping someone...who will be taking this over who has NO knowledge of web stuff so I chose the solution requiring a lesser skillset...i think...;)


Get rid of "last slide" links and link to specific slides instead. That way Slide 3 will always link back to slide 2 no matter where you came from.
If slide 3a can only be accessed from slide 3, then you're okay to use a link that does directly to slide 3.
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