Export Schema for an FP7 DB.

Never used Filemaker Pro before, but have been handed one with a schema I need to copy.

How can I view the schema so I can rebuild similar in another rdb?
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FileMaker isn't SQL-based, and if you're used to SQL databases, you'll probably find some things very strange.
What version of FileMaker are you using? It will make a big difference.

You can use FM scripting to collect lots of information about the database, but since you've never used it before, that's probably not a good choice.

The Advanced/Developer version of FileMaker has a feature for generating a database report that will include the information you probably need. If you just have the standard version, you can still get the same information, it's just a more tedious manual process. Basically, you go into Define Database, and choose to print field definitions for each table.
May be a screen capture of the relationships would show most of it if there are not too many tables, and therefore shrinked on screen.
I also recommand fmpro migrator as this guy is rather smart, is able to read filemaker native format, and restore a lot of things though SQL queries executed by a perl script.
there is a demo version.
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