Problem w/SonicWall Firewall and Citrix XP Presentation Server

We currently have a WatchGuard 700 (not x700) firewall.  We are passing port 1484/TCP to the Citrix XP Presentation server running on MS Server 2003 SP1.  We changed to a SonicWall Pro 3060 w/firmware version  When we did that most users complained that Citrix was slow and one office was disconnecting and reconnecting to Citrix every two minutes.  I tried this with Citrix XP Feature Release 3 and with the SP4 as well.  The firewall rules stayed the same.  We tried using RDP from the site that was disconnecting and reconnecting and it stayed connected just fine.  I had Citrix themselves log into my server and check the settings and they said it was ok. Does this make any sense?  I have been trying to solve this for over a month.
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Why did you switch routers?   Are you sure the setup was the same?  Can you hook the Watchguard back up, etherreal or network monitor a couple of citrix sessions, then do the same with the sonic wall?


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j0s3phAuthor Commented:
I had to return the SonicWall before the trial period was over.  I didn't get to do an Ethereal packet capture.  We are trying WatchGuard, so if the same problem persists I will definitely do a packet capture to see what is going on. Thanks for the suggestions.
I taught networking at a local university.

My impressions are:

Cisco - why?  expensive.  impossible.
Watchguard - Still expensive.  Don't like their support.  Still not easy.
Sonicwall - Slow
Fortinet - just right.  Easy to configure.  Works.  Scans Vpn traffic too!  Hardware based.  Fantastic.

j0s3phAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info.  I have always used the SonicWall because it had decent monitoring, but yes it is slow.  I will look into the Fortinet, thank for the advice.  I need a good balance between monitoring and vpn reliability.
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