PCI.sys missing or corrupted

Hi all,
I have ran through countless reboots and attempted to restore the pci.sys file (http://www.jsifaq.com/SUBK/tip5400/rh5410.htm) getting access denied.
I can't enable the set command from the recovery console.  Something about needing security group policy enabled.  How do I enable the policy while in the recovery console?
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isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
TO add:
Just found this:

"You may encounter an error to the effect that the Set command is currently disabled; unfortunately, this can only be fixed by returning to Windows and following this procedure:

   1. Start the Local Security Settings editor (secpol.msc).
   2. Navigate to \Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options in the tree.
   3. Double-click the Recovery Console: Allow floppy copy and access to all drives and all folders entry.
   4. Click Enabled and then click Ok.
   5. Close the Local Security Settings editor when you're done.
   6. Return to the Recovery Console and try again. "

But if I can't get into Windows, this restore pci.sys procedure is useless!
Any other ways?
Can I just remove hard drive and add to a second system as a 2nd drive and expand the pci.sys file this way?

Sorry, just brainstorming like I am talking to somebody in an office!  LOL....
Thanks for any help offered!

[...Can I just remove hard drive and add to a second system as a 2nd drive and expand the pci.sys file this way?....]
Yes you can of course, this is a clean way to restore the file. But you could also try to restore the file from c:\windows\system32\dllcache\pci.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers\pci.sys, if the file is still existing in dllcache.
isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
Cannot locate file in dllcache.

Also, cannot access c:\windows\system32\drivers ....  I get "Access Denied"
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Right-Click on the drivers folder -> Properties -> Security -> Check if "Everyone" has Full Access on that directory.
isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
Break through...sort of...
I booted with a WIndows XP pro cd instead of a home cd and for whatever reason got access to \windows and sub folders!
I copied a good pci.sys into \windows\system32\drivers and rebooted.  It was going well and went further than it did before and suddenly flashed a blue screen (with some kind of STOP memory address message...it was to fast) and reboots)
I did scan the drive when I had it in my other computer and it found two trjoans and removed.  Could another trojan be causing this?
No i doubt that a trojan could cause a bluescreen during boot up.
Let me look something in the past. Could you imagine which action caused the initial pci.sys problem? Did you do something special before this error comes up on the next boot?
isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
I will see if I can find out....it is for a customer's son.  He apparently was doing his homework and logged into another account on the PC.
It seems that some drivers or permissions were screwed up. Maybe an incomplete logon process or shutdown could cause such problems. If nothing is possible, just make a disk image of the PC using ghost or something else and start a xp repair installation, but i personally think that a repair installation is the very last option.

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isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
Just clutching at straws here, can SP2 be reinstalled without to much trouble?  Just thinking if I am lucky the corrupt files may get over written.  Is there any other diagnostic tool that would trace down the bad files?  
Yes, the repair installation, doesn't matter with which integrated service pack, just overwrites (deletes and recopies) all system files and sets some registry keys back to a working state. Application information still exist after the repair installation.
isitcomputersAuthor Commented:
Ended up copying all data from second hard drive to primary and installing fresh copy of WinXp on the second drive.  Client was happy....
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