Can I tell firefox to use my LAN broadband connection while connected to AOL via dialup?

I'm not necessarily sure if it's a program I'm looking for or just a setting. An example of my problem is I connect to my office computer by dialing in using AOL. The computer there isn't on the 'net so I have to dial into it. While I'm connected to this computer, I can't browse the web becaues it's too painfully slow since I'm using dial up. I can't use my broadband cable connection because when I'm connected via dialup and try to open a browser like IE or Firefox, it uses the AOL connection (again because I'm connected online via dial up). My broad band connection is live and just sitting there, but I don't know how to tell Firefox to use it!

I'm running Windows XP sp2.
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when you say you are dialling in.... do you use VPN?
I don't think you are going to be able to override the AOL dial up settings.  I believe once you connect to it the virtual NIC it uses updates your routing tables so that you go "out" through it.
YOu could try playing with the local routing table by changing the metrics. Basically, you add two routes. One as a default route (for your broadband conn) and the other one, for your remote network (I guess you are connecting to it through VPN - if not, provide moreinfo).

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JohnDoeSrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies. I'm using the AOL software (specifically, AOL 9) to dial in. I'm not even sure what VPN is let alone if AOL's software uses it. Is there a way that I could check to see if it does use VPN?

A co worker of mine told me how he works around it. He remote desktop connects to another comp on his lan (he's at home and both comps are at home) that has broadband access and uses the browser on the other comp via that RDC window. This is simple enough but it does involve another whole comp. Is playing with the local routing table a pretty technical / dangerous thing? If so, I should probably stick with the RDC method.
Playing with the routing table is not that dangerous specially if temporary routes are added just for testing purposes. Then, if something goes wrong, it is just a matter of undoing what you did or, restarting the computer.


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You can always try it, and again, I haven't seen it (AOL) in some time, but I thought I remembered it using a "virtual NIC" in your connections list, and when connected to AOL it would change the routing tables so that AOL was the new default route, until you disconnect.

Good luck, but I think you'll be stuck with the workaround you suggested.
Why the C grade?  You could have kept this question going and we would have been happy to assist you in thinking this thing through.

You're asking about using AOL via dialup is akin to asking about how to hack an Apple Newton...the question belongs back in the 90s, and you'd be hard pressed to find people that actually utilize this technology besides home users.

I'd rather you reopen the question and ask for a refund than to give me a C grade, personally.
I agree with that. I was surprised too. But just didn't say anything ... Usually, I just remember users that do this sort of things ... It is like compiling a "black list" LOL!

I was even thinking ... "well, next time i will try to do better". But in this case there wasn't actually much we could ahve done better ... We were not even awarded a B grade ...

JohnDoeSrAuthor Commented:
My apologies to both of you. I've only been a member here for about a week or two and this is only the 2nd Question I've closed. I have to admit that after joining I only skimmed through the Help page. After reading both of your concerns I  took a look at "What's the right grade to give" in the Help section and realized that the "C" grade indeed was too low. I posted a Q to the moderators to have both of your grades changed to a "B".

I hope you feel this is adequate. I feel an "A" grade probably would be more appropriate if I had pursued the question further. Using RDC is probably the way to go for now, I already use it on a daily basis to connect to several windows servers. I hope I'm not being too stingy with the grades. After reading a bunch of posts I realized that in my first Q I was probably a little too stingy with the points.

Rafael, there's a chance I might want to dig into routing tables sometime in the future and would welcome your answers if you haven't already blacklisted me.

TheCleaner, would you happen to play HL2?  There's a player by that name that I constantly frag with on a OFC server.
No problem mate ... I have more important things to do than to maintain black list. ...

B is fine....again, the question can go on and on for weeks, no reason to close it if you aren't satisfied with a resolution.

Sorry, don't play HL2...I used to play CS back in the day, but I have yet to find time for online gaming lately.
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