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Upgrading program version of Symantec Anti-Virus

I have a question:
I'm running Symantec 10 (Program Version:   Scan Engine:103.0.27)

Is there anyway to upgrade the program version? Or am I stuck with this version forever?  When I run live update, does it update the program version as well?

Just trying to get some clarity on the relevance of the program version. Not sure if it will ever change etc..
1 Solution
it will not change unless you manually upgrade the software, Liveupdate updates the Engine and the Definition file, it does not upgrade your version.

- SaP -
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Is manually upgrading the software something you do on Symantec's website? Or do I have to pay to do this?

If you want to upgrade your program version you have to actually run the installer.  It will not come down via liveupdate...remember this is corporate software...imagine if a large environment say like 10,000 machines all recieved a product update via liveupdate...lol that would be like a 50mb file pushed to each machine and the fact that most of these environments schedule LU which happens w/out use interaction...bad news!

If you want to upgrade remember these steps...I don't care what the documentation says...please just save yourself the trouble

1. uninstall the old symantec system center reboot
2. install the new symantec system center reboot
3. install/upgrade the primary server reboot (you may install over the top)
4. push the upgrade to your clients with the remote client install tool reboot each machine after the install...the should reboot automatically...keep this in mind because the reboot will happen without warning and the client install is silent.
*** reboots are required after the installs ***

If you do not reboot your PKI structure will not be created on the server and the clients will not check in to there parent server...
which brings another point make sure to backup the PKI folder on the primary server after the install otherwise you will be starting over from scratch in a disaster recovery.

The latest version of the software is

If you have your product serial number (usually starts with a capitol B#######)
go to http://fileconnect.symantec.com/ to download

If no serial number you are going to have to call corporate support not sure what the number is but ask for the licensing dept and tell them you lost your serial number

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate this symantec upgrades can be troublesome at times.
hope this helps friend! ;)

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
please be advised that "upgrade" is not "update", so software commonly vendors commonly do not allow you to UPGRADE for free, especially for upgrading major versions.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone
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