Veriats v10.1 Policy Question

I have just installed Veritas Backup Exec v10.1 and I noticed that in Job Setup there are policies. I edited one of the default policies to suit my needs. Do I have to create individual jobs now also? What if I want to start full backup before its scheduled time. how do I do that when the full bakup is one of several jobs listed in my policy?
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As above, combining policy with selection lists creates jobs.

If you want to run a job early, as with all other jobs, just right-click it and tell it to start
Don't create jobs, create selection lists and then right click on them and select create jobs from policy. Well that's the theory but if you modify the selection list don't believe the messagebox that says it will change the dependent jobs accordingly. But delete/recreate is easy, again right click on iether the job or the policy and delete, then right click and select create again.
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Thanks for the help
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