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You guy's have been GREAT, but i have a real BIG problem this time. My laptop developed a series of errors, instead of going through diags and repairs i  copied all my data into a  new created profile and deleted the old profile (i am operating in windows XP Pro), well everything was great until one day i needed to update some contacts in my Outlook, and to my horror i remembered i didn't compensate for that info when i did the transfer, now my big question is can i still get that data or information back, maybe it is stored in the c drive some where? hopefully. Hope you can pull a rabbit out for me...

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All of your information should be stored in a .pst file.  By default the file is stored under your profile.  If you copied the entire contents of your profile then you should still have this file.  Simply find the file (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) and reinstate it using outlook.  Follow these steps:  

    Outlook Data File

browse to the file and open it up.  If done correctly you should be able to copy what you need into your current profile and then close the file.
check out this post

Could you specify which version of outlook you are using, for example outlook express or 2003

It depends. First check if you can restore what you deleted via the recycle bin. If you have previously emptied the recycle bin and if you did that not too long ago, your data might still be around, if it has been some time ago then you have probably overwritten your data. To try to get your data back that has been emptied from the recycle bin you need some software, the best of which is getdataback. The trial you can download will show you what you can recover, and when you buy the software, you will be able to recover it.

I suppose you are using Outlook Express

Well then maybe you would like to try this  click Start| Run and type wab /a.
and see if you are able to see all the address book in your system.

For more information on the wab type wab /? to see a list of command usage.

Other mean is to get a data recovery such GetDataBack to recover your deleted profile folder and hopefully to reinstate the folder to use the wab /a

best of lucks.
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