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Server.nlm causes cpu to run up

ddano2000 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I have noticed this problem on two different servers that we have.  It appears that the server.nlm run the CPU up to 75% utilization and holds there.  During this time the logins screech to a halt.  I fixed the problem last time by simply setting up a new server, however this is impossible to do now.  I have compression turned on on this server and I feel like it might have something to do with that.  I appreciate any help you guys could give me.

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We'd love to help, but you have to help us help you and give us information about your environment.

NetWare version and SP
Volume types
Additional software running on server (antivirus, backup, database, NDPS, Bordermanager, GroupWise, ZENworks, etc.)
Protocol(s) in use
Client mix and access type (Novell client/ver/sp, MS client, native access, MAC, prosoft, etc)
Server hardware configuration (processor class/speed, number of processors, memory, etc)

There may be more questions after that.
Are you running Symantec AV? If so turn it off.  As ShineOn stated, a little more info about your box is needed.  


Sorry about that guys, here is the info.  I'm running Netware 6.5 SP2 with Symantec and Veritas Backup client ( I did disable these to see if it would solve the problem...it didn't).  The workstations are Novell Client 4.9 SP2+D with no MS Client installed.  The Server is a Dell Poweredge 2500 PIII 933 single processor with 1 GB of RAM.

Heres another, perhaps interesting twist, when I rebooted the Server it initially had 48% of it's memory being utilized.  Over the course of the day, This has decreased to 28% although the user's logged in has not changed.  Don't know if that helps or not, but I thought I would throw that in.
Are your running netstorage? I would load the latest support pack (sp5) as a first step measure.  This cleans up several problems including a java memory leak and netstorage causing high utilization.

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Does SP5 cause any problems if I don't patch my other Novell servers right away?
What version of Netware on you running on them?  As long as they are 6 or 6.5 you should not have any problems.  
This TID will give you some info on the support pack and requirements: TID2973048

It includes:
Support Pack Installation
 Preinstallation Checklist
Installing the Support Pack through NWCONFIG
Uninstalling the Support Pack

As long as you use the backup option during the install, you can roll the changes back if you have problems.

NetWare 6.5 SP2 had all sorts of issues.  I second the recommendation of blcarter14 to install SP5.

If SP5 updates eDirectory, and I think it does, you should apply it to the Master of [Root] - and maybe you should do that one first anyway.  All of your servers should, ideally, be at the same SP level with the same eDirectory version/SP/IR, but it's impossible to update all servers at once in most cases (unless you have ZEN for Servers.)

Memory leaks were one of the problems with the SP2 revision level, especially as regards eDirectory and NSS.  There are some TIDs floating around on that problem and they include workarounds but primarily say you should update to the latest support pack.
So no with OES Linux?
Ignore my OES comment, wrong forum.


Ok I've done the SP5 upgrade, to the root server and to the server in question here.  Now I have a new problem, in the the available memory is flagged as a health problem.  It's saying I only have 385MB of memory available when I really have 2GB.  Any ideas?

Is this all-NSS or do you have any traditional FAT (NWFS) volumes?

Are any applications loading in their own address spaces?

What kind of applications are running?  Anything besides AV and backup?
Check out this link.  It includes some general troubleshooting steps as well.  


Hit the Dell download site and download any Dell-specific Novell NetWare 6.5-related updates for the OS including the latest PSM module and drivers.


Well guys, it didn't help to apply the service pack.  Seems as though the CPU hang issue is not as bad, however logins are still slow.  I am running an all nss system.  Not quite sure how to tell if any applications are loading in there own address space, and the only apps running are monitor, symantec av, and I turned off the backup exec.  Not really sure where to go from here.  i took over this network about a year ago and have no idea how convoluted it is.  Could the slow logins be caused by our zenworks server?  Or some other server in the network?  Perhaps our edirectory is screwed up, I'm just not quite sure how it all fits together.  I'm sorry I such an idiot about Novell.  I'm trying to learn the OS but it is tough.  Thank you for all of your help.

Are logins generally slow?  I understood from your Question that logins slowed during the high CPU periods (and by the way, 75% CPU isn't really all that high - I've seen NetWare running at 90% CPU without a burp).  

If they're generally slow, then the next question I have for you is, do you use any NMAS login methods, like Universal Password for example?  If not, then you should disable NMAS Authentication on the client - in fact, if you don't use NMAS at all, you should uninstall NMAS from the workstation too.

The NMAS Authentication is disabled on the Novell Client Properties page, Advanced Login tab.  Look for "NMAS Authentication" and set it to "No."  Then, go into add/remove programs and uninstall Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS) or however it shows up there.  On future installs of the Novell Client, be sure to unselect NMAS from the install.  

You DID install the client using "custom" and not "typical" - right?

Also, there are post-SP2-post-"D" patches for NWFS and SERVLOC that you should apply to the client, too.


Well it seems as though the service pack did fix the issue.  i also went in an optimized the memory and so far so good.  Thanks for all of your help.  Just to answer the previous post, we don't install nmas or nici onto our client boxes as they seem to cause a lot of problems.  We can continue to discuss this and I can give you guys anymore information you might want but for now it seems to have "disappeared".
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