Guide to sending mail from multiple domains on small business server / exchange 2003

Have an SBS machine setup as an SMTP server sending and receiving mail for the main domain OK.
For the second domain (remotely hosted) I have a POP connector for receive - not sure how to get send working properly.
For the remaining domains (again, remotely hosted) I can use any method SMTP, POP for send or receive.
Can modify domain A and MX records if necessary (as with the first domain).  Would prefer simplest solution for send and receive through single SBS machine for multiple domains.
Which methods would you recommend and what is the quickest way to get set up.
Thanks for reading my post and considering your reply.
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The easiest method is to use identical information for all of the domains coming to the same server...

Same MX record address or whatever.
This means that you can set the server to announce itself as a valid name and get the reverse DNS set correctly. In the event of changing the IP address of the server, simply change dns entry and nothing else has to be changed.

Remember that the server listed in the MX doesn't have to be in the same domain that it is the MX record for, so you can have lots of domains all using the same host.

SMTP delivery for all domains of course.

NiSiWiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,
Sounds like the best option for most of the domains.
One domain though is setup using POP, serviced directly from the hosting provider with multiple remote clients connecting directly to the hosting provider.
What configuration would you recommend to enable sending from the client machine behind the SBS server ?
p.s. have increased the points - if you can sort this one there all yours
NiSiWiAuthor Commented:
I forgot to ask....
For mails that are received from alternative domains through the SBS server - if a client responds will that mail be FROM the domain that it was originally sent to ?
I guess this will be like relaying ? so how will the server know to relay for these other domains ?
Thanks again!
While Exchange can quite happily deal with receiving email on multiple domains, it isn't very good with sending.
Exchange is one user, one email address. While a user can have 100s of email address for receiving email, they are limited to only one for sending. Doesn't matter which address the email came in on, they will all leave via the same default email address.
There are third party tools that can change this, look at ChooseFrom at

As for your clients with the POP3 hosted email. instead get everyone to collect email from the SBS server. Get the ISP to change the MX records so that they are all pointing to your server, reconfigure the clients and that should be it. You will be in control of the accounts and all email flow.
Although if you have lots of POP3 clients then you might want to consider using RPC over HTTPS instead. This will give the clients the full Outlook client, without the need for a VPN.


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NiSiWiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,
Thats pretty clear.
Will review the 3rd party options.
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