Which VoIp solutions should I go with

I am in Limbo right now.  I have one company say they are the greatest and the other say they are not.

I am looking at a 3Com solutions.  V3000
I am looking at a Vonexus solutions as well.

If anybody can point me to either direction that would be great.

If you know or have one of these products, it woudl be great if you gave me some insight on if it works or doesn't work.  I went to both demos and they look like VoIP solutions to me.  They are around the same price so that doesn't matter.  

Any help would be great.
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3Com NBX was the first VoIP system and is by far the most stable and mature.  I have been installing the systems for 6+ years and they are very nice, affordable, feature rich, reliable systems.

The V3000 is an amazing system.  At a list price of $1995 with 4 analog ports, 4 port 400 hour voice mail, Unified messaging, CTI, scalable to 1500 devices, etc.

Vonexus runs on Windows OS.  3Com runs on VXWorks.  A real time, embedded OS.  Extremely reliable with no terrible Tuesday updates, viruses, or security flaws.  And no blue screens of death...

The NBX is the way to go.
Don't know much about 3com, but the company I work for is a Vonexus dealer, and our group installs them.

Vonexus is a software based PBX - upgrades every year, % maintenance every year, but the features continue to improve, and the quality is very good. You are better off if all users have pc's, because most of the benefits come from the client application on the desktop. We support twenty installations with 3 engineers.
Be careful which IP gateway you choose - it can make a big difference. Don't buy a Quintum.

Good luck!
FabconITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight, I wasn't to pumped about Windows OS.
No problem.  The NBX is very easy to maintain as well.  Most everything for administration is web based.  Good luck!
FabconITAuthor Commented:
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