How to use dynamic_cast?


I am trying to write a agile programm by writing a factory. The factory is using a messaghandler, the messagehandler is evaluating a string and depending of the result the factory is creating a command object that will be executed the code is this
   Database db;
   CommandFactory sf;
   while (true) {
        Connection* conn = server.waitForActivity();
         if (conn != 0) {
               MessageHandler mh(conn);
               try {
                  Command c = sf.make(mh);
                  c.execute(mh, db);
               catch (ConnectionClosedException&) {
                  delete conn;
                 cout << "Client closed connection" << endl;
          else {
            server.registerConnection(new Connection);
            cout << "New client connects" << endl;
the factory is immplemented like this
  Command make(const MessageHandler& mh) {
       if(mh.getMess() == 12)
          return AddCommand();
the AddCommand class
 class AddCommand : public Command {
            void execute(const MessageHandler& mh, const Database& db) ;
class Command {
            virtual void execute(const MessageHandler& mh, const Database& db) = 0;

the problem is that i get a error
commandfactory.h:9: error: invalid return type for member function `client_server::Commandclient_server::CommandFactory::make(const client_server::MessageHandler&)'

should i use dynamic_cast and how should i use it?

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> Command make(const MessageHandler& mh)
Command has abstract virtual functions ... you cannot return objects of this type since objects of such type cannot be constructed. Try returning pointer to object instead.


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return AddCommand();
will also give the same problem. Here  also you need to return pointer to Addcommand.
Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
the syntax for dynamic cast is,
dynamic_cast<terget class*>(&available obj);
dynamic cast is performed for classes having parent & child relationship.
class Base{ ...};
class Derived:public Base{ ...};

base* b;
//here b points to the b subobject in Derived object.

Overall i do not understand your question. try to make it brief and more specific.
All the best
Prashant Sabnekar
Hi mikrodidakt,

Thanks for the accept, but you chose B garde which means answer was not precise. Please refer to the grading guidelines

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