Can Excel or VB create GUIDs?

I have an application I am building in Excel which I believe will be migrated to SQL or Access in the future. I am using Worksheets as Tables and need to assign unique ID's in a number of places. I would like to use GUIDs from inception so as to simplify the migration process as much as possible. Can Excel of VBA auto create GUIDs?
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read this:
(both vb6 and .net)

direct downloadlink to (vb6) the source:

direct downloadling to .net source:

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or if you don't feel like checking that, use this code:

Declare Function CoCreateGuid_Alt Lib "OLE32.DLL" Alias "CoCreateGuid" (pGuid _
    As Any) As Long
Declare Function StringFromGUID2_Alt Lib "OLE32.DLL" Alias "StringFromGUID2" _
    (pGuid As Any, ByVal address As Long, ByVal Max As Long) As Long

Function CreateGUID() As String
    Dim res As String, resLen As Long, guid(15) As Byte
    res = Space$(128)
    CoCreateGuid_Alt guid(0)
    resLen = StringFromGUID2_Alt(guid(0), ByVal StrPtr(res), 128)
    CreateGUID = Left$(res, resLen - 1)
End Function
Or, more simply:

    Set oTypeLib = CreateObject("Scriptlet.TypeLib")
    szMyGuid = oTypeLib.Guid
    Set oTypeLib = Nothing

pwanveerAuthor Commented:
A quick download of the Class Module and a quick code edit and I'm done! You are a rockstar! Thank you.

thanx for the points and happy coding!
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