Installshield 11.5 dll registration error installing VB6 Application containing Crystal Reports Export Options (PDF, Word)

I am getting a registration failure on several modules when installing my application using Installshield 11.5.
I have the crxf_pdf.dll, crxf_rtf.dll and the crypt32.dll in the Self Registering area of the components.  Crystal Reports says that the Exportmodeller.dll and crtslv.dll must be registered first and these modules are also included in the Self Registering portion of the InstallShield Project.  

Does anyone know if these modules must be registered and how to get it done if they do?
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What version of Crystal?

Here are the merge modules for CR8/8.5 for InstallShield

CR9 and later have Merge modules from Crystal.  Are you using them?
Merge module usage

Merge modules  CR9 - CR XI

KenFowlerHondaAuthor Commented:
I am using Crystal Version 8.5

1)  How does one know which MSM Modules are required to support an application?  Do I take all modules that seem to pertain to components that the project uses?

2)  What do I do with the MSM Modules?  That is, how are they included and executed in the install package?

3) Are any of the MSMs Operating System specific (specifically the ATL.MSM)?

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