JavaScript Countdown Timer: Need To Count Down and Then Redirect The User

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure this is already out there but it has been harder then I thought it would be to locate just what I am looking for.  I'm testing with my site and I've got a full screen window that has 2 and bottom.cfm in the frameset.cfm frame.  On the top frame, I need to count down from 1 hour and 30min to 0 where 0 is when the test time is up for the student and they are redirected to another webpage.

Who's got a nice and easy fuction that can be configured pretty easily...

Thanks a lot,
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inverted_2000Author Commented:
Anyone today have a time left counter for me?
You can use

setInterval('mycountdownfunction()', 1000); //1000 ms = 1 second

Then have:

var numberofseconds = 60 * 90;
function mycountdownfunction() {
  if(numberofseconds <= 0) {
     do something

However, you should also keep track of time serverside, as javascript could be bypassed by inventive users.


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