How long since binary (password) field changed?

In MS SQL Server 2000, a financial application database stores passwords in a table SY01400 as a binary field.  The field is [SY01400.password].
PROBLEM:  I would like a way to determine how long it has been since the password was changed, so that I can remind the user to change their password.

I've tried to create a temporary table to store the userid and password as of a given date, and then test at some later time to see if the password has changed in the SY01400 table.  

However, any comparisons that I use don't detect changes in the password, because it's binary.


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Create a trigger on the table to update a datetime field another table that corresponds to a userid

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carlisaacsonAuthor Commented:
how does the trigger determine if the password was changed?
Detect changes to database table /column
carlisaacsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks ACampona & Sirees.

Earlier I found this article and used it on Northwinds successfully. I modified it slightly so instead of detecting changes to the row, it detected changes to a particular field.  I tried to adapt it to my situation in my database by having the binary_checksum test for changes to the password field.  

CREATE   TABLE tbl_BinaryCheckPassword (USERID char, BCHECKSUM binary)
INSERT   INTO tbl_BinaryCheckPassword
         FROM      SY01400

When i run this, I get an error message:
Server: Msg 8152, Level 16, State 9, Line 2
String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated.

That's why I ended up coming here.  

I'm going to check for answers to that error message, and if still have questions, I will post another question.
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