Linking one report to another

I work for a police department. We use several different Crystal Reports. Most are pretty basic. I need to 'link' these reports to each other, if that is the correct terminology

Here's what the Captains want: Say they run a Burglary report. The report lists the case number of the burglary and some other info. They want to be able to click on the case number in the Burglary report and have another report open that gives more details about that case. Both of these reports are already written.

 I just need to find a way to get the Captains from one to another without them having to 'manually' open two reports.

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You can do this through On Demand Subreports.

Open the Burglary report.
Go to the Insert menu, choose Subreport.
Choose an exiting report and navigate to the report that you have and click OK.
Click the link tab and make choose the Case Number from the main report and link it to the case number in the subreport.
Drop the subreport next to the existing Case Number for a bit.
Right click the subreport, and choose Format Subreport from the popup.
Click the Subreport tab.
Click the property "On Demand Subreport"
Click the X+2 button to the right of "On Demand Subreport Caption"
Add the Case Number field to the editor.  You may have to convert it to a string using the ToText function: ToText({table.casenumber},0,"")
Save and Close.
Resize the subreport and modify the fonr and color as necessary.
You can now delete the original Case number field is you want.
When you run the report, the subreport will display as a hyperlink with the case number value, which when clicked will open up the subreport for just that case.

You can make in your Burglary Report the case number field as a hyperlink to Case Report.
In CR Desigder rightclick on the field, select Format Field, and open Hyperlink tab.

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Sounds like a good idea.

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bgbissellAuthor Commented:


It does create a hyperlink, and it does bring up the more detailed report, but the report doesn't populate fully. Most of the information does not appear.

The report I'm linking to is the more complex of the two and contains a ton of subreports itself, if that matters.

Any suggestions?


You will have a problem doing this then.
Crystal does not allow you to have a subreport within a subreport.
You might explore the Hyperlink suggestion by PWinter and see if that is a possibility.
bgbissellAuthor Commented:

what do you do after you open the Hyperlink tab?

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